Joel 3
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1“For behold, in those days, and in that time, || When I turn back [to] the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem,

2Then I have gathered all the nations, || And caused them to go down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, || And I have been in judgment with them there, || Concerning My people and My inheritance—Israel, || Whom they scattered among nations, || And My land they have apportioned.

3And for My people they cast a lot, || And they give the young man for a harlot, || And have sold the young woman for wine, || That they may drink.

4And also, what [are] you to Me, O Tyre and Sidon, || And all circuits of Philistia? Are you rendering repayment to Me? And if you are giving repayment to Me, || Swiftly, quickly, I return your repayment on your head. 5In that My silver and My gold you took, || And My desirable things that are good, || You have brought into your temples. 6And sons of Judah, and sons of Jerusalem, || You have sold to the sons of Javan, || To put them far off from their border. 7Behold, I am stirring them up out of the place || To where you have sold them, || And I have turned back your repayment on your head, 8And have sold your sons and your daughters || Into the hand of the sons of Judah, || And they have sold them to Sabeans, || To a nation far off, for YHWH has spoken.”

9Proclaim this among nations, || Sanctify a war, stir up the mighty ones, || Come near, come up, let all the men of war.

10Beat your plowshares to swords, || And your pruning-hooks to javelins, || Let the weak say, “I [am] mighty.”

11Hurry, and come in, all you nations around, || And be gathered together, || There cause to come down, O YHWH, || Your mighty ones.

12“Let the nations wake and come up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, || For there I sit to judge all the nations around.

13Send forth a sickle, || For harvest has ripened, || Come in, come down, for the press has been filled, || Winepresses have overflowed, || For great [is] their wickedness.”

14Multitudes, multitudes [are] in the Valley of Decision, || For near [is] the Day of YHWH in the Valley of Decision.

15Sun and moon have been black, || And stars have gathered up their shining.

16And YHWH roars from Zion, || And gives forth His voice from Jerusalem, || And the heavens and earth have shaken, || And YHWH [is] a refuge to His people, || And a stronghold to sons of Israel.

17“And you have known that I [am] your God YHWH, || Dwelling in Zion, My holy mountain, || And Jerusalem has been holy, || And strangers do not pass over into it again.”

18And it has come to pass in that day, || The mountains drop down juice, || And the hills flow [with] milk, || And all streams of Judah go [with] water, || And a fountain from the house of YHWH goes forth, || And has watered the Valley of Shittim.

19“Egypt becomes a desolation, || And Edom becomes a desolation, a wilderness, || For violence [to] sons of Judah, || Whose innocent blood they shed in their land.

20And Judah dwells for all time, || And Jerusalem to generation and generation.

21And I have declared their blood innocent, || [That] I did not declare innocent, || And YHWH is dwelling in Zion!”

Literal Standard Version
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