Zechariah 9
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1The word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon the land of Khadrak and of Darmsuq, his gift, because LORD JEHOVAH reveals the children of men and all the tribes of Israel

2Also Khamath shall border it, and Tyre and Tsidan, for they are very wise

3And Tyre has built for itself fortresses and has collected silver as dust and gold like the dirt of the street

4Because of this, LORD JEHOVAH shall destroy it and he shall cast her wealth into the sea and she shall be consumed in fire

5And Ashqeluun shall see and she shall stand in awe, and Aza shall be very sad, and Aqron, because to her, hope is disappointed, and the King of Aza shall be cut off, and Ashqelon shall not remain

6And foreigners shall dwell in Ashdod and I shall destroy the pride of the Philistines

7And I shall take their blood from their mouths and their disgusting things from between their teeth, and they shall survive also for our God, and they shall be as Princes of Judea, and Aqron will be as Ebron

8And I shall cause a Protector to dwell over my house, of the one who passes by, and of him who returns, and the oppressor shall not pass again against them, because now I have seen with my eyes

9Celebrate greatly, daughter of Zion, and shout, daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King comes to you, righteous and The Savior, and he is meek and rides on a donkey, and upon a colt, son of a donkey!

10And he will destroy the chariot from Aphreim and the horse from Jerusalem. He shall break the bow in war and he shall speak peace with the nations, and he shall rule from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the Earth!

11Also you, in the blood of your covenant, you have released the prisoners from the pit which has no water in it.

12Dwell in the fortress, prisoners of the assembly, and for each day, I pay you two

13Because I have bent my bow over Yehuda, and I have fitted against Ephraim, and I cast your sons, oh Zion, against your sons, oh Greece, and I have made you like the sword of a giant

14And LORD JEHOVAH will be revealed unto them, and his arrow will go forth as lightning, and The Lord of Lords shall sound on the trumpet and he shall go in a whirlwind to the South

15And LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts shall descend upon them and they shall eat, and stones in a sling shall conquer, and they shall drink trouble like wine and they shall be filled like a mixed drink and like the corners of the altar

16And LORD JEHOVAH their God will save his people in that day as sheep, because they were holy stones that were cast into his land

17How good and how excellent the grain for the young men, and the wine cheers the virgins!

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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