Zechariah 10
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1Ask rain from LORD JEHOVAH in the late time, and LORD JEHOVAH makes a sprinkling, and he will give you early rain that will grow grass in the field

2Because the learned have spoken evil and the Soothsayers have seen falsehood and they have spoken lying dreams and they comfort in vain; because of this they moved on like sheep and they were afflicted, because there is no Shepherd for them

3Against the Shepherds my anger is enraged and I shall sentence the flocks, because LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts commanded his flock of the house of Yehuda and he made them as a horse splendid in war

4From them is the corner and from them is the nail, and from them a bow in war, and from them will go out all their Leaders as one

5And they shall be as a man who treads mud in the street; in war they shall fight because LORD JEHOVAH is with them, and the riders of horses will be shamed

6And I shall empower him of the house of Yehuda and I shall save him of the house of Yoseph and I shall return them, because I am merciful upon them, and they shall be as I had not forgotten them, because I, LORD JEHOVAH God, I shall answer them

7And they shall be as Mighty Men of Ephraim, and he will cheer their heart as if from wine, and their children shall see and they shall rejoice, and their heart shall be overjoyed in LORD JEHOVAH

8I shall whistle to them and I shall gather them, because I save them, and they shall be abundant as they were abundant

9And I shall sow them among the nations and in distant places they shall praise me, and they shall raise their children and they shall return

10And I shall lead them from the land of Egypt and from Assyria, and I shall gather them, and to the land of Gelad and to Lebanon I shall bring them, and those will not be enough for them

11And Suffering shall go through into the sea and he shall turn the waves back into the sea, and all the depths of the river will be ashamed, and the pride of Assyria shall be destroyed and the power of the Egyptians shall pass away

12And I shall empower them in LORD JEHOVAH, and his name they shall trust, says LORD JEHOVAH

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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