Psalm 22
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1My God, my God, why have you left me and have removed from me my salvation in the words of my folly?

2My God, I call you in the daytime, and you do not answer me, and in the night, and you will not stay with me.

3You are holy and Israel sits in your glory.

4My fathers hoped in you; they hoped in you and you delivered them.

5They cried to you and they were saved; they hoped in you and they were not disappointed.

6I am a worm and not a man; a reproach of the children of men and despised of the people.

7All who saw me mocked at me; they shot out with her lips; they shook their heads:

8He was confident in LORD JEHOVAH to save him, and let him set him free, if he delights in him.

9Because you are my trust from birth and my hope from my mother's breasts.

10I was cast upon you from birth and you are my God from my mother's womb.

11Do not be far from me, because trouble is near, and there is no helper.

12Many bulls have surrounded me and young bulls of Bayshan encircled me.

13They opened their mouths against me like a lion that roars and plunders.

14And I am poured out like waters and all my bones are pulled out of joint; my heart has been like wax and my bowels are rotted within me.

15My power has dried up like the clay vessel of a Potter; my tongue is stuck to the roof of my palate, and you have cast me into the dust of death.

16Because dogs surround me and the assembly of the evil have surrounded me; they have pierced my hands and my feet!

17All of my bones wail & wail; they stare and look at me!

18And they have divided my garments between them and they cast lots upon my clothes.

19And you, LORD JEHOVAH, do not be far from me! God, my God, abide to help me!

20And save my soul from the sword, and also my Only One from the hand of dogs!

21Save me from the mouth of the lion and my humility from the horn of pride

22That I may proclaim your Name to my brothers and praise you within the assembly!

23Worshipers of LORD JEHOVAH, praise him, and all the seed of Jacob, honor him; worship him all the seed of Israel!

24Because he did not mock nor despise the cry of the poor, neither did he turn his face from him; when he cried unto him, he heard him.

25My praise is from before you in the great congregation; I shall fulfill my vows in front of his worshipers.

26The poor will eat and will be satisfied, and those who seek him will praise LORD JEHOVAH, and their heart will live for eternity.

27All the ends of the Earth will remember and will turn to LORD JEHOVAH, and all the generations of the nations will worship before him.

28Because the kingdom is LORD JEHOVAH's and he is the Ruler over the nations.

29All the hungry of the Earth will eat and will worship before LORD JEHOVAH, and all who go down to the dust will kneel before him; my soul lives for him.

30The seed that will serve him will proclaim the generation of LORD JEHOVAH.

31They will come and show his righteousness which LORD JEHOVAH has done to the people who are born.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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