Numbers 33
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1And these are the journeys of the children of Israel when they had gone out from the land of Egypt with their armies by the hand of Moshe and of Ahron. 2And Moshe wrote their goings out and their picking up camps, by the word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH, and these are their picking up camps and their goings out. 3And they picked up from Ramsis on the fifteenth in the first month after Passover. The children of Israel went out from Egypt by a high hand before the eyes of all the Egyptians. 4And the Egyptians were burying the firstborn ones whom LORD JEHOVAH killed among them, and LORD JEHOVAH executed judgment on their gods.

5And the children of Israel picked up from Raamsis and camped in Saquth. 6And they picked up from Saquth and they camped in Atham that is in the ends of the wilderness. 7And they picked up from Atham and camped on the mouth of Kheritha before Baaltsphun, and they camped before Magdul. 8And they picked up from the mouth of Kharitha and they went within the sea to the wilderness and they went three day’s journey in the wilderness of Atham and camped in Murath. 9And they picked up from Murath and they came to Alim, and in Alim there were twelve fountains of waters and seventy palm trees, and they camped there by the water. 10And they picked up from Alim and they camped on the side of the Sea of Reeds. 11And they picked up from beside the Sea of Reeds and they camped in the wilderness of Sin. 12And they picked up from the wilderness of Sin and they camped in Raphqa[Rebecca]. 13And they picked up from RaphqaRebecca and they camped in Alush. 14And they picked up from Alush and they camped in Raphidin, and there were no waters there for the people that they may drink. 15And they picked up from Raphidin and they camped in the wilderness of Sinai. 16And they picked up from the wilderness of Sinai and they camped in Qabrey D'Ragya –“Graves of Lusting”

17And they picked up from Qabrey D'Ragya Regta – “Graves of Lusting Lust” and they camped in Khetsruth. 18And they picked up from Khetsruth and they camped in Rethma. 19And they picked up from Rethma and they camped in Ramun Pharets. 20And they picked up from Ramun Pharets and they camped in Lebna. 21And they picked up from Lebna and they camped in Rasa. 22And they picked up from Rasa and they camped in Qahlath. 23And they picked up from Qahlath and they camped in the mountain of Shaphar. 24And they picked up from the mountain of Shaphar and they camped in Khadda. 25And they picked up from Khadda and they camped in Maqhaluth. 26And they picked up from Maqhaluth and they camped in Takhath. 27And they picked up from Takhath and they camped in Tarakh. 28And they picked up from Tarakh and they camped in Methqa. 29And they picked up from Methqa and they camped in Khashmuna. 30And they picked up from Khashmuna and they camped in Masruth. 31And they picked up from Masruth and they camped in Benay Yaqan. 32And they picked up from Benay Yaqan and they camped in Khadgadgad. 33And they picked up from Khadgadgad and they camped in Yatbath. 34And they picked up from Yatbath and they camped in Akruna. 35And they picked up from Akruna and they camped in ItsinuGebar. 36And they picked up from ItsinuGebar and they camped in the wilderness of Tsin that is Qedesh. 37And they picked up from Qedesh and they camped in Hur Mountain that is in the ends of the land of Adum.

38And Ahron the Priest came up to Hur Mountain by the word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH and he died there in the fortieth year that the children of Israel had gone from the land of Egypt, in the first month in the first of the month. 39And Ahron was son of a hundred and twenty and three years when he died in Hur Mountain.

40And the Canaanite King of Gadar who dwelt in the south in the land of Canaan heard when the children of Israel came.

41And they picked up from Hur Mountain and they camped in Tsalmuna. 42And they picked up from Tsalmuna and they camped in Pinun. 43And they picked up from Pinun and they camped in Abuth. 44And they picked up from Abuth and they camped in Ayna D'Ebria in the borders of Moab. 45And they picked up from Ayna D'Ebria and they camped in Ribun Gad. 46And they picked up from Ribun Gad and they camped in Balmun Deblathim. 47And they picked up from Balmun Deblathim and they camped in the Mountain of the Hebrews that is before Nabu. 48And they picked up from the Mountain of the Hebrews and they camped in the plain of Moab that is by the Jordan of Yerikho. 49And they camped on the Jordan from Bayth Ashimun and unto Abal of Satim that is in the plain of Moab.

50And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe in the plain of Moab that is by the Jordan of Yerikho: 51“Speak with the children of Israel and say to them, ‘You are passing over the Jordan to the land of Canaan; 52And you shall destroy all of the inhabitants of the land from before you and you shall destroy all their idols and throw away all the images of their forging, and all their high places you shall pull down: 53And you shall inherit the land and you shall dwell in it because I have given the land to you to inherit it. 54And possess the land in the allotted portions of your families; you shall increase the inheritance for the large and you shall diminish the inheritance for the small, for whatever portion is allotted for the tribe of their fathers they shall inherit. 55And if you do not destroy the inhabitants of the land from before you, those who are left of them shall be splinters in your eyes and spear heads in your sides, and they will distress you in the land where you inhabit it. 56And just as I planned to do to them I shall do to you.’”

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