Leviticus 19
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1And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him:

2“Speak with all the assembly of the children of Israel and say to them: 'Be Holy Ones because I am holy; I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God. 3A man shall be reverent of his father and of his mother and keep my commands, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God. 4Do not be turned after demons; you shall not make to yourselves gods that are molten; I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God.

5And if you slaughter sacrifices, make acceptable peace sacrifices to LORD JEHOVAH. 6And in the day that they are sacrificed they shall be eaten, and the next day they shall be eaten, and anything more on the third day will burn up in fire and it shall not be eaten. 7And if to be eaten it will be eaten on the third day, it is rejected and shall not be accepted. 8And who ever eats of it will bear sin, because he has polluted the holiness of LORD JEHOVAH, and you shall destroy that soul from his people.

9And when you harvest the harvest of your land, you shall not finish harvesting the edges of your fields, and you shall not pile up your harvest to pile it up. 10And you shall not glean your vineyards and you shall not gather the fallen of your olives, but leave them for the poor and those who are converted to me, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God.

11You shall not steal you shall not lie you shall not cheat, man against his fellow man. 12you shall not swear in my name in falsehood and defile the name of your God; I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

13You shall not oppress your fellow man and you shall not take him by force ; the pay of a hired man will not remain with you until the morning. 14Do not insult the deaf and you shall not put a stumbling stone before the blind, but be reverent of your God; I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

15You shall not do evil in judgment and you shall not accept the face of the poor neither the face of the great, but in righteousness judge your fellow man. 16You shall not devour the ridicule of your people and you shall not stand against the blood of your fellow man, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

17You shall not hate your brother in your heart but certainly you shall reprove your neighbor, that you will not bear sin because of him. 18Do not keep hate for the children your people, but love your fellow man as yourself. I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

19Keep my commands; you shall not breed your cattle by mixture and do not sow your field by mixture and you shall not put on a cloak of mixtures that are mixed.

20And a man who will lie down with a woman copulating with seed, and she is a Maidservant purchased by the man and has not been redeemed, neither has liberty been given to her, they shall inquire about them and they shall not be killed, because she was not free. 21And he shall bring his offering to LORD JEHOVAH to the door of the Time Tabernacle, a ram of sin. 22And the Priest shall atone for him with the ram of sin before LORD JEHOVAH for sin that he sinned and the sin that he sinned shall be forgiven to him.

23And when you have entered the land and you have planted every tree for food leave them three years and you shall not eat from their fruit. 24And in the fourth year all of their fruit shall be holiness and glory for LORD JEHOVAH. 25And in the fifth year eat their fruit and they shall increase their crops for you; I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God.

26You shall not eat blood; you shall not conjure by a winged animal; you shall not use divination. 27Do not grow the hairs of your heads and you shall not twist the mustache of your beards. 28And you shall not make a cutting in your flesh for a soul and you shall not make an inscription of markings in yourselves; I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

29Do not allow your daughter to commit whoredom lest the land commit whoredom and the land be filled with sin. 30But keep my commands and be reverent of my Sanctuary; I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

31Do Not go after necromancers and soothsayers and you shall not inquire of them lest you will be defiled by them; I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God.

32Stand before an elder and honor him who is older than you and be in awe of your God; I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

33And when someone who is converted to me will dwell with you, you shall not wrong him. 34But he shall be equal to you and shall be one of you, and those who are converted to me who dwell with you love them as yourselves because you also were inhabitants in the land of Egypt; I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God.

35You shall not do evil in judgment, with a balance or with a scale or with a measure. 36You shall have a scale of truth and a weight of truth and a measure of truth and a hin of truth. I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt. 37Keep all of my commands and all my judgments and do them. I AM LORD JEHOVAH.'"

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
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