Job 31
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1I have established a covenant for my eyes that I shall not take notice of a virgin

2And what is the portion of God from above, and the inheritance of God from the high place

3But ruin to the evil and alienation upon the Servants of evil?

4He sees my ways and he counts all my goings

5If I have walked with deceivers and if my feet hasten to run in treachery

6He will weigh me in a balance of truth and God shall know my integrity

7If I have turned my goings away from the road, and if my heart goes after my eyes, and if anything is stuck in me

8But if I have sown then I ate, and if I planted, then I raised and I stored up

9And if my heart was enticed by an estranged woman, or if I lay in wait at the door of my neighbor

10Unless my wife has ground meal for others and she has baked in another place

11Because this is sin, and this is an eye that is of contrivance

12And it is fire that consumes unto destruction, and all my crops would be uprooted

13If I have despised the justice of my Servants or of my Maidservants when they have been contending with me

14But I have said, ‘what shall I do when God stands up and when he commands, what I shall return to him?’

15Behold, in the womb The One who made me made him, and in one womb he formed us

16If I have withheld from the poor a thing that he desired, or if I have darkened the eyes of a widow

17If I ate my bread alone and the orphan did not eat of it

18Because sorrows from my youth raised me and groanings from the belly of my mother

19If I have seen one lost who was without clothing, and the afflicted without a cloak

20If they were not reared on my knees or warmed from the wool of my sheep

21If I have lifted my hands against the orphan, (but whenever I saw him at the door I helped him)

22My shoulder will fall from its socket and my arm will be broken from its shoulder

23Because the awe of God shook me and his ruin came against me, and I could not stand from terror

24If I have made gold my trust and if I have said to precious stones: ‘you are my trust’, and if I have said to pure gold, ‘you are my hope’

25And if I was rejoicing when my property increased and when my hands found much

26If I have seen light when peaceful and the moon when shining

27If I go and my heart is enticed in secret and I have kissed my hands with my mouth

28Also he sees all my devices, if I have lied before God

29And if I am gladdened in the ruin of my hater or if I have celebrated when evil happened to him

30And I have not yielded my mouth to sin and my soul has not asked for one of these things

31But my friends said: ‘but who gave us of his flesh and we are not satisfied!’

32I have not made a stranger lodge in the street and I opened my door to the wayfarer

33If I have hidden my sins as a man and if I have hid my debts in a secret place

34And if I have trampled the power of many, (but it is an abundance of families that ruined me) and a son of man I have not turned away at the gate, and I have not ruminated on the speech of the lips) the provocations of God have humbled me

35But The Giver who hears me, if he is God, he will answer me, and he will write in a scroll his judgments of a man

36But on my shoulder, I would take it up and I would have made it a crown for myself

37I shall show him the number of my steps, and like a Ruler I would declare it

38And the Earth will wail over me and its furrows will weep as one

39If I consumed its power without expense, or if I have made the soul of the bitter drunk

40Instead of wheat will come forth a dung heap, and instead of barley will come forth thorns.” And the statements of Job are finished

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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