Isaiah 9
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1The land of Zebulon and the land of Naphtali hastened, and the Empire prevailed over the way of the Sea, the crossings of the river Jordan, Galilee of the nations:

2The people who walk in darkness have seen great light, and light has risen upon those dwelling in the land of the shadows of death

3You have multiplied the people and you increased joy for it. They rejoiced before you as those who rejoice in harvest and like those who dance when dividing the loot

4Because you have broken the yoke of their subjection and the staff of their shoulder and the rod of him who was subjecting them as in the day of Midian

5Because every voice was heard with shaking and the garment wallowed in blood, and it was for burning and for the consumption of fire

6Because the Child is born to us, and the Son is given to us, and his authority was on his shoulder, and his Name was called The Wonder and The Counselor, God, the Mighty Man of Eternity, the Prince of Peace [and The Father of Eternity]

7To increase his dominion and his peace there is no end, on the throne of David and upon his Kingdom, that he shall establish it and he shall sustain it in judgment and in righteousness from now and unto eternity. The zeal of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts does this

8LORD JEHOVAH sent his word in Yaqob and it fell on Israel

9And the people, all Aphreim and the inhabitants of Samaria, shall know in pomp and in greatness of heart, and are saying

10“We shall lay bricks and we shall cut piles of wood and we shall cut sycamores and we shall exchange cedars”

11And LORD JEHOVAH shall strengthen the oppressors of Retsan against him, and he shall provoke his enemies

12Edom from the East and the Philistines from the West, and they shall consume Israel with all their mouths, and in all these things he did not turn away his anger, and again he raised his hand

13And the people were not converted until they were devoured, and they did not seek LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts

14And LORD JEHOVAH destroyed from Israel the head and the tail, and the tail and the head in one day

15The Elder and the honorable face, he is the head, and the Prophet that teaches falsehood, he is the rear end

16And they shall be the benefactors of this people, deceiving and sinking it

17Because of this, LORD JEHOVAH will not rejoice over their young men and over their orphans, and over their widows he shall not brood, because all of them are changeable and evil, and every mouth speaks madness, and in all these things he did not turn away his anger, and again his hand he lifted up

18Because sin burned as fire and it will devour a thicket and thorns, and it shall continue into the branches of the forest, and the chosen ones shall be engulfed in smoke

19In the rebuke of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts the Earth shook, and the people was as the fuel of fire, and a man shall not show pity on his brother

20And he shall cut up on his right and he shall hunger and he shall eat on his left, and they shall not be satisfied; a man shall eat the flesh of his own arm

21Manasheh against Aphreim and Aphreim against Menashe, and as one against Yehuda, and in all these things he did not turn away his anger, and again he lifted up his hand

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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