Isaiah 8
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: “Take to yourself a great scroll and write upon it in the writing of a man “To hasten the captivity and to press hard for the loot” 2And witnesses who are trustworthy testified to me, to Uriah the Priest and to Zachariah son of Barachiah 3And I approached the Prophetess and she conceived and she bore a son, and LORD JEHOVAH said to me: “Call his name MesarhebShebaWekhathevBaz “Hurry the captivity and press hard for the loot” 4Because before the boy will know to call father and mother, he shall carry the possessions of Darmsuq and the spoil of Samaria before the King of Assyria

5And LORD JEHOVAH added again, saying to me

6”Because this people rejected the waters of Shilukha flowing in quietness and they rejoiced in Retsan and in the son of Rumlia

7Because of this, LORD JEHOVAH brings up upon them the many and strong waters of the river, the King of Assyria and all his honor, and he shall bring up against them all their brooks and he shall go over all their walls

8And he shall go through into Yehuda and he shall overflow and he shall go through and he arrives unto the neck, and the breadth of his wings will be filling the expanse of your land, Ammanuyel

9Shake, oh people, and be broken and pay attention, all distant ones of the Earth; be strong and be broken

10Counsel a counsel and it shall be destroyed; speak the word and it shall not be established, because Ammanuyel God is with us

11Thus LORD JEHOVAH said to me, as holding the hand, and he would take me aside that I would not walk in the way of this people, and he said

12“You shall not speak rebellion as this people spoke rebellion, and you shall not worship with their worship and you shall not tremble”

13Hallow LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, and he is your worship and he is your helper

14And he shall be for a sanctuary and for a stone of offense and for a rock of stumbling to both the houses of Israel, for a trap and a net for the inhabitants of Jerusalem

15And many shall be stumbled by them and they shall fall and they shall be broken, and they shall be trapped and they shall be seized

16Bind up the testimony and ratify the Law with my teaching 17I shall wait for LORD JEHOVAH who turned his face from those of the house of Yaqob, and I shall look for him 18Behold, I and the children that LORD JEHOVAH gave to me for a sign and for a wonder in Israel from before LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts who dwells on the mountain of Zion

19And when they will say to you, “Inquire from Necromancers and from Soothsayers who shriek and murmur” they are not the people of God, those who ask the dead about life 20To the Written Law and to the Testimony, for they will not speak according to this Word, because there is no one to give a bribe for it 21And he shall go through in it and he shall strike it, and he shall be hungry, and when he is hungry, he shall be afraid, and he shall insult his King and his God, and he shall return above 22And he shall look on the Earth, and the affliction and darkness and adversity and thick darkness, he shall drive it out, because he shall not strike that which he loathed as at the former time

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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