Isaiah 10
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1Woe to those who publish a publication of depravity and write evil

2To decline the justice of the poor and to rob the justice of the afflicted of my people, who will plunder widows and will seize orphans!

3What will you do for the day of vengeance and for the tumult that comes from a distance? To whom will you escape that you will be helped, and to whom will you leave your honor that you may not bow under prisoners?

4You shall fall under the slain, and in all these things he does not turn away his anger, and again he lifts his hand

5Woe to the Assyrian! He is the rod of my anger, and the staff of my scourge is in their hands

6Against a changeable people I shall send him, and against an angry people I shall command him, so that he will capture the captive and will plunder the loot and he shall make it downtrodden as the mud of the street

7And he has not so appeared, and in his heart he was not so considered, but that he will destroy in his heart and he shall consume many nations

8Because he said: “Behold, the Princes are Kings together

9Behold, Kaliu is like Karkemush, and Khamath is like Raphad, and Samaria is like Darmsuq

10And just as my hand has found the Kingdoms of idols and of carvings from Jerusalem and from Samaria

11And as I have done to Samaria and to its idols, so I shall do to Jerusalem and to its idols!”

12And it shall be when LORD JEHOVAH has fulfilled all his works in the Mountain of Zion and in Jerusalem, I shall order against the fruit of the heart of the great King of Assyria and against the boasting of the pride of his eyes

13Because he said, “By the power of my hand I have performed and by my wisdom; because I am intelligent, I have crossed the borders of the Gentiles and I plundered their wealth and I overthrew the cities that they inhabited

14And my hands found the power of the Gentiles like a nest, and as they gather eggs that are abandoned, I gathered all the Earth, and there was nothing that lifted wings or opened its mouth or chirped!”

15Is the axe boasting over him who cuts with it, or is a saw exalted over him who saws with it, or does a rod lift itself up over him who raises it?

16Because of this, LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts shall send destruction against his fat ones for the sake of his honor; he will burn a conflagration as the burning of fire.

17And the light of Israel will be for fire and his Holy Ones for flame, and it will burn and it will devour his thicket and his thorns in one day

18And the glory of its forest and of its fruitful field, from the soul and unto the body, will end, and it will be as if it was not

19And the remainder of the trees of his forest shall be few and a boy shall write them

20And it shall be in that day, the remnant of Israel and those who are rescued from the house of Yaqob shall not go on again to trust on him who harmed them, but they shall trust in truth on LORD JEHOVAH, The Holy One of Israel

21And the remnant shall return, the remnant of Yaqob, to God, The Mighty Man

22And if your people Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, the remnant of them shall return; he has cut short and he has cut off and he overflowed in righteousness

23Because LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts has performed the end and the judgment in all the Earth

24Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “You shall not be afraid, my people who live in Zion, of the Assyrian who strikes you with his rod, and his staff he lifts against you in the way of Egypt 25Because in a very little while, and my passion and my anger shall be fulfilled upon their destruction 26And LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts shall rouse up against him a whip like the slaughter of Midian that is in the mountain of Khorib, and his staff over the sea, and he lifted it up in the road of Egypt 27And it shall happen in that day his oppression shall pass from your shoulder and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed from before the heifers”

28He came to Anath and he passed by in Megiddo, and in Mikmas he laid down his armor

29He crossed the crossing of Geba to Bayth Baythan. Ramtha is afraid and Geba of Shaul has fled

30Neigh with your voice, daughter of Galim; pay attention, Laysh, and answer me, Anathoth!

31Marmana is far removed and the inhabitants of Gubin have grown strong

32Yet he stays the day in Nob; his hand beckoned to the mountain of the house of Zion and to the hill of Jerusalem

33Behold, LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts demolishes the boastful ones with strength, and exalted ones in stature shall be leveled, and the lifted up shall be brought low

34And he shall cut the branches of the forest with iron, and Lebanon in its glory shall fall

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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