Hosea 2
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Call your brethren Ammi and your sisters Rakhimtha

2Judge with your mother, judge because she was not my wife, and I have not been her husband; she shall put away her fornication from her face and her adultery from between her breasts

3That I will not strip her naked and I would leave her like the day in which she was born and I would make her as the wilderness and like the thirsty land and I would kill her with thirst

4And upon her children I shall not show compassion because they are children of a whore

5Because their mother has been a whore and she who gave them birth has been shameful and she said ‘I will go after my lovers, givers of my bread and water and my clothing and my linen and my oil, and everything that I require’

6Because of these things, behold, I fence in her ways with thistles and I shall hedge in her paths and she will not find the road

7And she shall go after her lovers and she will not overtake them and she will seek them and she will not find them, and she will say: ‘I shall return, I will go myself to my first husband, because it was better to me than now

8But she did not know that I gave her grain and wine and oil, and silver and gold I multiplied to her, and from it they made Baal

9Because of this I shall return I shall take my grain at its time and my wine at its time, and I shall take my wool and my linen that I gave to her that she would cover her nakedness

10Therefore I shall expose her nakedness before her lovers and no man will save her from my hands

11And I shall remove all of the joy of her feasts and the beginning of her months and her sabbaths and all her feasts

12And I shall destroy her vines and fig trees, of which she said: ‘they are gifts which my lovers gave to me’, and I shall make them a forest, and the animals of the wilderness will devour them

13And I shall issue a charge against her, the days of Baal, when she was placing incense in them and she took her earrings and her pearls and she went after her lovers and she has forgotten me, says LORD JEHOVAH

14Because of these things, behold, I will soothe her and I will lead her to the wilderness and I shall fill in her heart

15And I shall give her vineyards to her from there, and the valley of Akhor that her understanding may be opened and she may be humbled there, like the days of her childhood and like the day in which she went up from the land of Egypt

16And it will be in that day, says LORD JEHOVAH, you shall call me ”My husband”, and you shall not again call me ”My Baal”

17Again I shall take the name of Baal from her mouth, and they will not remember his name

18And I shall covenant with them a covenant in that day with the animals of the wilderness, and with the birds of Heaven, and the creeping things of the Earth, and the bow, and the sword, and I shall obliterate battle from the Earth and I shall settle them in confidence

19And I shall betroth you to me for eternity, and I shall betroth you to me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in favor and in compassion

20And I shall betroth you to me in faithfulness and you shall know LORD JEHOVAH

21And it will be in that day, says LORD JEHOVAH, I shall answer the Heavens and they shall answer the Earth

22And Earth will answer the grain and the wine and the oil, and those will answer Yezreel

23And I shall sow her for myself in the Earth and I shall have compassion on La Ethrakhmath “Not loved”, and I shall call La Ammi –“Not my people” Ammi –“My people”, and he shall call me, Alahee –“My God”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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