Genesis 25
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1And Abraham went on and he took a wife, and her name was Qentura. 2And she bore to him Zimran and Yaqshan and Madan and Median and Ashbaq and Ashwakh. 3And Yaqshan begot Sheba and Daran, and the sons of Daran were Ashudim and Latshim and Amim. 4And the sons of Median: Epha and Khaphar and Khanuk and Abeeda and Eldaa; all of these are the sons of Qentura. 5And Abraham gave everything that he had to Isaaq his son. 6And to the children of the concubine of Abraham, Abraham gave gifts, and he sent them from the presence of Isaaq his son while he was living at first in the land of the East.

7And these were the days of the years of the life of Abraham who lived a hundred and seventy and five years. 8And Abraham became ill and died in a good old age; he was old and satisfied with his days and was gathered to his people. 9And Isaaq and Ishmayl, his sons, buried him in the double cave in the field of Aphron, son of Tsakhar the Khythite, that is before Mamreh; 10The field that Abraham bought from the sons of Khyth for an inheritance of the tomb; there Abraham was buried and Sara his wife. 11And it was after Abraham was dead, God blessed Isaaq his son, and Isaaq sat down on the side of Beer d'KhayaKhezan “The well of Life saw me.”

12And these are the generations of Ishmayl, son of Abraham, to whom Hagar the Egyptian, the Handmaid of Sara, had given birth by Abraham: 13And these are the names of the sons of Ishmayl by their names to their generations: the first born of Ishmayl, Nebiuth and Qedar and Arbal and Mabsam, 14And Mashma and Ruma, Mesa, 15And Khadar, Tayma and Netuur and Nephesh and Qedem: 16These are the sons of Ishmayl, and these are their names in their habitations and in their sheepfolds, twelve Princes to their people. 17And these are the years of the life of Ishmayl: a hundred and thirty and seven years, and he became ill and he died and was gathered to his people. 18And they dwelt from Khaweela and unto Shuud that is before Egypt, which is in the entrance of Assyria; on the borders of all his brothers he had dwelt.

19And these are the generations of Isaac son of Abraham: Abraham begot Isaaq: 20And Isaaq was a son of forty years when he took Raphqa, the daughter of Bethuyel, the Aramaean, from Padan d'Aram, the sister of Laban the Aramaean, a wife for himself. 21And Isaaq prayed before LORD JEHOVAH, because his wife was sterile, and LORD JEHOVAH answered him, and Raphqa his wife became pregnant. 22And her children were crowded in her womb, and she said, “If it is like this, why am I living”? And she went to ask of LORD JEHOVAH.

23And LORD JEHOVAH said to her: “Two peoples are in your womb, and two nations shall be separated from your womb, and one nation shall be stronger than the other nation, and the greater shall be subject to the lesser.”

24And her days were fulfilled to give birth, and behold, twins were in her womb. 25And one went out first, red and all ringlets of hair, and he called his name Esau. 26And after him his brother went out, and his hand was holding on the heel of Esau, and he called his name Yaquuv, and Isaac was a son of sixty years when she gave birth to them.

27And the boys grew, and Esau was a man knowing hunting, a man of the wilderness, and Yaquuv was a harmless man and dwelling in a tent. 28And Isaaq loved Esau because he ate his game, and Raphqa loved Yaquuv.

29And Yaquuv boiled stew, and behold, Esau his brother came from the field and he was famished: 30And Esau said to Yaquuv, “Give me a taste of these red lentils, because I am famished”; for this, he called his name Adum. 31Yaquuv said to him, “Sell to me today your firstborn inheritance.” 32And Esau said in his heart, “Behold, I am going to die. Why is the inheritance going to me?” 33Yaquuv said to him, “Swear to me today”, and he swore to him, and he sold his firstborn birthright to Yaquuv. 34And Yaquuv gave to Esau bread and stew of lentils to eat, and he ate and drank, and he stood and went; and Esau despised concerning the firstborn inheritance.

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