Exodus 32
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1And he gave to Moshe when He had finished speaking with him in the mountain of Sinai, two tablets of the Testimony, tablets of stone that are written with the finger of God. 2And the people saw that Moshe delayed to come down from the mountain and the people assembled to Ahron and they were saying to him, “Arise, make for us gods to go before us, because this man Moshe who brought us up from the land of Egypt, we do not know what has happened to him.” 3Ahron said to them, “Remove the earrings of gold that are in the ears of your wives and of your sons and of your daughters, and bring to me.” 4And all the people removed the rings that were in their ears and they brought them to Ahron. 5And he took it from them and fashioned it in a figure and he made it a calf that was molten and they said, “This is your God, Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt.” 6And Ahron was afraid and built an altar before it and Ahron called and said, “There is a feast for LORD JEHOVAH tomorrow.”

7And they arose the day after it and they offered sacrifices and they sacrificed peace offerings and they brought offerings and the people sat to eat and to drink and they arose to be merry and to play. 8And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “Go down, go from here because your people is corrupt, whom you brought out from Egypt: 9They have gone astray quickly from the way that I have commanded them and have made for themselves a molten calf and worshipped it, and they sacrificed to it and they said, ‘This is your God, Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt.’” 10And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “I have seen this people and behold the people is hard necked:

11Now leave me and my anger will prevail with them and I shall destroy them and I shall make you a great nation.” 12And Moshe prayed before LORD JEHOVAH his God and said, “No LORD JEHOVAH! Your wrath will not prevail with your people whom you brought out from Egypt by your great power and by your high arm. 13And the Egyptians shall not say, ‘For their harm He brought out them to kill them among the mountains and to destroy them from the face of the Earth.’ Rest from the heat of your wrath and be reconciled to the evil of your people. 14Remember Abraham and Isaac and Israel your Servants, for you swore to them by yourself and you said to them, ‘I shall multiply your seed as the stars that are in Heaven and all the land which I said I shall give to your seed and they shall inherit it to eternity.’

15And LORD JEHOVAH came to an agreement concerning the evil that He said to do to his people. 16And Moshe turned and came down from the mountain and two tablets of the Testimony were in his hand, tablets that were inscribed from both their sides, from one and to the other they were written. 17And the tablets were the work of God and the writing was the writing of God; it was present on the tablets.

18And Yeshua heard the sound of people when fighting and he said to Moshe, “The sound of war is in the camp.”

19Moshe said to him, “It is not the voice of the speech of mighty men, neither the voice of misfortune but the sound of sin I heard.” 20And when he came to the encampment he saw the calf and castanets and Moshe was angered, and he cast the tablets from his hand and he shattered them at the base of the mountain.

21And he took the calf that they had made and he burned it in fire and he filed it with a file until it was pulverized like dust and he scattered it; he ground it on the face of the waters and he gave it to those of the house of Israel to drink. 22And Moshe said to Ahron, “What did this people do to you that you brought upon it great sin?” 23And Ahron said, “Let not the wrath of my Lord be hot; you know this people is evil. 24And they said to me, ‘Make for us gods to go before us, because this Moshe who brought us up from the land of Egypt, we do not know what happened to him.’

25And I said to them, ‘He that has gold, bring it to me’, and they brought it to me and I laid it in fire and it became this calf.” 26And Moshe saw the people that they had sinned against themselves, for Ahron caused them to sin, that their names would be stinking at their end. 27And Moshe stood himself in the gate of the Tabernacle and he said, “Who is from LORD JEHOVAH? He will come to me.” And all of the children of Levi assembled to him. 28And Moshe said to them, “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, ‘Throw a man his sword around his waist and pass through and turn from door to door in the camp, and kill each man his brother, and each man his neighbor, and each man his relative.” 29And the sons of Levi did according to the word of Moshe, and some of the people fell in that day, about three thousand men.

30Moshe said to them, “Fill your hands today for LORD JEHOVAH, a man with his son and with his brother, because today a blessing will come upon you.” 31And it was the day after it and Moshe said to the people, “You have sinned this great sin; now I shall ascend to LORD JEHOVAH; perhaps He shall forgive your debts.” 32And Moshe returned to LORD JEHOVAH and said, “I beg you LORD JEHOVAH God, truly this people has sinned a great sin and they have made for themselves gods of gold. 33Now perhaps you will forgive their sins, and if not, obliterate me from your book that you have written.” 34And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, the one who sins against me I shall obliterate from my book. 35Now go, bring this people to where I told you and behold, My Messenger shall go before you, and in the day of my visitation I shall visit upon them their sins.”

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