2 Chronicles 24
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1Yoash was a son of seven years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned forty years in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother was Tsebiah, from the city Beersheba. 2And Yoash did what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH, all the days of the life of Yawida the Priest. 3And Yawida took two wives for himself and begot sons and daughters for himself.

4And it happened after these things, his heart was with Yoash in secret to renew the house of LORD JEHOVAH and to restore everything in it that was needed. 5And Yawida gathered the Priests and the Levites and said to them: “Go out to the cities of the house of Yehuda and gather from all the cities of Israel silver and gold, and repair the house of your God according to every year by year, and be urgent to finish.” 6And the King called Yawida the Elder and said to him: “Why have you not sought the Levites to go and bring from Yehuda and from Jerusalem the gifts of Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH and assembled Israel at the Tabernacle of Meeting?” 7And Athaliah had taught to seek after evil, and she had broken down the house of LORD JEHOVAH, also all the holy things that were in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, she made them into revered things of idols.

8And the King spoke, and they made one chest and they placed it at the door of the house of LORD JEHOVAH at the outside. 9And they gave a call in Yehuda and in Jerusalem that they would bring to LORD JEHOVAH the portion that Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH had commanded in the wilderness. 10And all the Princes and all the people rejoiced and they brought and they made one chest and they set it and they cast into it until it was filled. 11And when they saw that much money was in the chest, the Scribe of the King came in and the Steward of the house of the High Priest and they counted and they bound the money. 12And they gave it to the Servants of the work of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and they were hiring Stone cutters and Carpenters for themselves, and they repaired the house of LORD JEHOVAH, also workers of iron and brass to repair the house of LORD JEHOVAH.

15And Yawida grew old and filled his days and died a son of a hundred and thirty years. 16And they buried him in the city of David in the mausoleum of Kings, and they said: “Thus he shall be rewarded from what good he did in Israel, also he urged on great endeavors with the house of LORD JEHOVAH.”

17And after Yawida was dead, the Princes of Yehuda came, they bowed to the King, therefore he listened to them. 18And they left the house of LORD JEHOVAH God of their fathers and they went and they served images and idols, and there was wrath on Yehuda and upon Jerusalem because they had sinned this sin. 19And he sent to them by Prophets to return them from their ways and they did not listen, and he bore witness by them, and they did not accept.

20And the Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH clothed himself with Zechariah, son of Yawida the Priest, and he came up and stood above the people and said to them: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘Why have you acted against the commandments of LORD JEHOVAH? You shall not prosper! Because you have forsaken my way, I also am leaving you.” 21And they rebelled against him and they stoned him with stones by the commandment of the King, in the court of the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 22And Yoash the King was not affected by the kindness that his father Yawida the Priest had done for him, and he killed his sons after him; and his sons, as they were being killed, were saying: ”LORD JEHOVAH shall see and he shall avenge!”

23And it was at the end of the year the army of Edom went up against him, and it came against Yehuda and against Jerusalem, and they destroyed all the Princes of the people, and all their captives they sent to the King at Darmsuq. 24Because few were the men who came with the army of Edom, and LORD JEHOVAH handed over to them an army that was very great, because they had forsaken LORD JEHOVAH God of their fathers. And the thing that Yoash did the Judges abhorred.

25When they went to them who were with him, because they forsook him, they were in many misfortunes. And his Servants acted treacherously against him for the blood of the sons of Yawida the Priest and they killed him on his bed and he died; and they buried him in the city of David his father, and they did not bury him in the mausoleum of the Kings. 26And these are the names of the men who conspired against him: Zabur, son of Shemath an Ammonitess, Yehuzabar, son of Neturuth a Moabitess. 27And his sons and the multitude of men who conspired against him and the rest of the sins that he did in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, behold those are written in the Exposition of the Scroll of the Kings; and Amutsia his son was made king after him.

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