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zim·nā — 4 Occurrences

Ezra 5:3
HEB: בֵּהּ־ זִמְנָא֩ אֲתָ֨א עֲלֵיה֜וֹן
NAS: At that time Tattenai, the governor
KJV: At the same time came to them Tatnai,
INT: time came them

Daniel 3:7
HEB: דְּנָ֡ה בֵּהּ־ זִמְנָ֡א כְּדִ֣י שָֽׁמְעִ֣ין
NAS: Therefore at that time, when all
KJV: Therefore at that time, when all
INT: according to time time when heard

Daniel 3:8
HEB: דְּנָה֙ בֵּהּ־ זִמְנָ֔א קְרִ֖בוּ גֻּבְרִ֣ין
NAS: reason at that time certain
KJV: at that time certain
INT: For this time came certain

Daniel 4:36
HEB: בֵּהּ־ זִמְנָ֞א מַנְדְּעִ֣י ׀ יְת֣וּב
NAS: At that time my reason returned
KJV: At the same time my reason returned
INT: time my reason returned

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