4749. miqshah
Strong's Concordance
miqshah: perhaps hammered work
Original Word: מִקְשָׁה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: miqshah
Phonetic Spelling: (mik-shaw')
Definition: perhaps hammered work
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as miqsheh
perhaps hammered work
NASB Translation
hammered work (9).

II. מִקְשָׁה noun feminine perhaps hammered work, only of metals (originally turner's work?); — absolute ׳מ, of cherubim in tabernacle Exodus 25:18; Exodus 37:7, lampstand Exodus 25:31,36; Exodus 37:17,22; Numbers 8:4 (twice in verse), clarions Numbers 10:2. — I.׳מֹ see קשׁא.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
beaten out of one piece, work, upright, whole piece

Feminine of miqsheh; rounded work, i.e. Moulded by hammering (repousse) -- beaten (out of one piece, work), upright, whole piece.

see HEBREW miqsheh

Forms and Transliterations
מִקְשָׁ֖ה מִקְשָׁ֞ה מִקְשָׁ֣ה מִקְשָׁ֥ה מִקְשָׁה֙ מקשה mikShah miq·šāh miqšāh
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Englishman's Concordance
Exodus 25:18
HEB: כְּרֻבִ֖ים זָהָ֑ב מִקְשָׁה֙ תַּעֲשֶׂ֣ה אֹתָ֔ם
NAS: make them of hammered work at the two
KJV: [of] gold, [of] beaten work shalt thou make
INT: cherubim of gold of hammered make the two

Exodus 25:31
HEB: זָהָ֣ב טָה֑וֹר מִקְשָׁ֞ה תֵּעָשֶׂ֤ה הַמְּנוֹרָה֙
NAS: are to be made of hammered work; its cups,
KJV: gold: [of] beaten work shall the candlestick
INT: gold of pure of hammered are to be made the lampstand

Exodus 25:36
HEB: יִהְי֑וּ כֻּלָּ֛הּ מִקְשָׁ֥ה אַחַ֖ת זָהָ֥ב
NAS: of it shall be one piece of hammered work of pure
KJV: shall be of the same: all it [shall be] one beaten work [of] pure
INT: become all of hammered shall be one gold

Exodus 37:7
HEB: כְרֻבִ֖ים זָהָ֑ב מִקְשָׁה֙ עָשָׂ֣ה אֹתָ֔ם
NAS: he made them of hammered work at the two
KJV: [of] gold, beaten out of one piece made
INT: cherubim of gold of hammered made the two

Exodus 37:17
HEB: זָהָ֣ב טָה֑וֹר מִקְשָׁ֞ה עָשָׂ֤ה אֶת־
NAS: the lampstand of hammered work, its base
KJV: gold: [of] beaten work made
INT: gold of pure of hammered made the lampstand

Exodus 37:22
HEB: הָי֑וּ כֻּלָּ֛הּ מִקְשָׁ֥ה אַחַ֖ת זָהָ֥ב
NAS: of it [was] a single hammered work of pure
KJV: were of the same: all of it [was] one beaten work [of] pure
INT: become the whole hammered of it a single gold

Numbers 8:4
HEB: מַעֲשֵׂ֤ה הַמְּנֹרָה֙ מִקְשָׁ֣ה זָהָ֔ב עַד־
NAS: of the lampstand, hammered work
KJV: of the candlestick [was of] beaten gold,
INT: was the workmanship of the lampstand hammered of gold against

Numbers 8:4
HEB: עַד־ פִּרְחָ֖הּ מִקְשָׁ֣ה הִ֑וא כַּמַּרְאֶ֗ה
NAS: hammered work of gold;
KJV: thereof, unto the flowers thereof, [was] beaten work: according unto the pattern
INT: to its flowers work he to the pattern

Numbers 10:2
HEB: חֲצֽוֹצְרֹ֣ת כֶּ֔סֶף מִקְשָׁ֖ה תַּעֲשֶׂ֣ה אֹתָ֑ם
NAS: of silver, of hammered work you shall make
KJV: of silver; of a whole piece shalt thou make
INT: trumpets of silver of hammered shall make shall use

Jeremiah 10:5
HEB: כְּתֹ֨מֶר מִקְשָׁ֥ה הֵ֙מָּה֙ וְלֹ֣א
KJV: They [are] upright as the palm tree,
INT: A scarecrow They upright and they cannot

10 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 4749
10 Occurrences

miq·šāh — 10 Occ.

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