Ezekiel 19
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1Sing a funeral song for the princes of Israel.

2Say: Your mother was like a lioness. She lay down among the lions. She fed many cubs.

3One of the cubs she raised became a young lion. He learned to tear apart the animals he hunted. He ate people.

4The nations heard about him, caught him in their pit, and brought him with hooks to Egypt.

5The lioness waited until she saw that there was no more hope. Then she took another one of her cubs and raised him into a young lion.

6He became a young lion, and he prowled among the lions. He learned to tear apart the animals he hunted. He ate people.

7He destroyed fortresses and turned cities into wastelands. The land and everyone living in it were terrified by the sound of his roar.

8The nations from every region came together against him. They spread their net over him and caught him in their pit.

9With hooks they put him in a cage and brought him to the king of Babylon. They put him in prison so that his roar wouldn't be heard anymore on the mountains of Israel.

10Your mother was like a grapevine that was planted near water. It had a lot of fruit and many branches because there was plenty of water.

11Its branches were strong. They were used to make scepters for kings. It grew to be tall with many branches around it, and everyone saw it because of its many branches.

12But in anger it was uprooted and thrown to the ground. The east wind dried up its fruit. Its strong branches broke off. They withered and were burned.

13Now it is planted in the desert, in a dry and waterless land.

14Fire has spread from the vine's main branch. Fire has destroyed its fruit. It no longer has any strong branches that could be used as a king's scepter. This is a funeral song. It is to be used as a funeral song.

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