4894. suneidon
Strong's Concordance
suneidon: to see together, hence to comprehend
Original Word: σύνοιδα
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: suneidon
Phonetic Spelling: (soon-i'-do)
Definition: to see together, to comprehend
Usage: I know, consider, am privy to.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from sun and eidon
to see together, hence to comprehend
NASB Translation
aware (1), realized (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4894: συνεῖδον

συνεῖδον, participle συνιδών; perfect σύνοιδα, participle feminine genitive συνειδυίας (Acts 5:2 R G, συνειδης L T Tr WH; cf. Buttmann, 12 (11); (Tdf.; Proleg., p. 117; WHs Appendix, p. 156)); (see εἰδῶ); from Herodotus down;

1. to see (have seen) together with others.

2. to see (have seen) in one's mind, with oneself (cf. Fritzsche, Commentary on Romans, vol. i., p. 120; on Mark, pp. 36 and 78; (see σύν, II. 1 and 4)), i. e. to understand, perceive, comprehend: συνιδών, when he had understood it, Acts 12:12 (A. V. considered); Acts 14:6 (became aware) (2 Macc. 4:41 2Macc. 14:26, 30; 3Macc. 5:50; Polybius 1,4, 6; 3, 8, 9; etc.; Josephus, Antiquities 7, 15, 1; b. j. 4, 5,4; Plutarch, Themistius, 7). Perfect σύνοιδα (cf. σύν, as above)

1. to know with another, be privy to (so A. V.): Acts 5:2.

2. to know in one's mind or with oneself; to be conscious of: τί ἐμαυτῷ, 1 Corinthians 4:4 (R. V. know nothing against myself (cf. Wright, Bible Word-Book, 2nd edition, under the word 'By')) (τήν ἀδικίαν, Josephus, Antiquities 1, 1, 4; examples from Greek writings are given by Passow, under the word σύνοιδα, a.; (Liddell and Scott, under the word σύνοιδα, 2); followed by ὅτι (Dionysius Halicarnassus 2:995, 9); the Epistle of Barnabas 1 (4) 3).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
know, be privy, be aware of.

From sun and eido; to see completely; used (like its primary) only in two past tenses, respectively meaning to understand or become aware, and to be conscious or (clandestinely) informed of -- consider, know, be privy, be ware of.

see GREEK sun

see GREEK eido

Forms and Transliterations
συνειδυίας συνειδυιης συνειδυίης συνιδοντες συνιδόντες συνιδων συνιδών συνοιδα σύνοιδα συνοίδεν suneiduies suneiduiēs sunidon sunidōn sunidontes sunoida syneiduies syneiduiēs syneidyíes syneidyíēs synidon synidōn synidṓn synidontes synidóntes synoida sýnoida
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Englishman's Concordance
Acts 5:2 V-RPA-GFS
GRK: τῆς τιμῆς συνειδυίης καὶ τῆς
KJV: also being privy [to it], and
INT: the value being aware of [it] also the

Acts 12:12 V-APA-NMS
GRK: συνιδών τε ἦλθεν
NAS: And when he realized [this], he went
KJV: And when he had considered [the thing], he came
INT: having considered [it] also he came

Acts 14:6 V-APA-NMP
GRK: συνιδόντες κατέφυγον εἰς
NAS: they became aware of it and fled
KJV: They were ware of [it], and fled unto
INT: having been aware they fled to

1 Corinthians 4:4 V-RIA-1S
GRK: γὰρ ἐμαυτῷ σύνοιδα ἀλλ' οὐκ
KJV: For I know nothing by myself;
INT: indeed in myself I am conscious but not

Strong's Greek 4894
4 Occurrences

συνειδυίης — 1 Occ.
συνιδών — 1 Occ.
συνιδόντες — 1 Occ.
σύνοιδα — 1 Occ.

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