4766. strónnuó
Strong's Concordance
strónnuó: to spread
Original Word: στρωννύω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: strónnuó
Phonetic Spelling: (strone'-noo-mee)
Definition: to spread
Usage: I spread, make a bed.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from a prim. root stor-
to spread
NASB Translation
furnished (2), make...bed (1), spread (2), spreading (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4766: στρωννύω

στρωννύω, or στρώννυμι: imperfect 3 person plural ἐστρώννυον (cf. Buttmann, 45 (39)); 1 aorist ἐστρωσα; perfect passive participle ἐστρωμενος; (by metathesis from στόρνυμι, στορέννυμι, and this from ΣΤΟΡΑΩ; (cf. Latinsterno, struo, etc.; English strew, straw, etc.); see Curtius, § 227); to spread: ἱμάτια ἐν τῇ ὁδῷ, Matthew 21:8; εἰς τόν ὁδόν, Mark 11:8 (πέδον πεδασμασι, Aeschylus Ag. 909; ἑιμασι πορον, ibid. 921). namely, τήν κλίνην (which Greek writers from Homer down often add, and also λέχος, λέκτρον, etc. (cf. Winers Grammar, 594 (552); Buttmann, § 130, 53)) τίνι, Acts 9:34 (A. V. make thy bed); to spread with couches or divans τό ἀνάγαιον, passive (A. V. furnished), Mark 14:15; Luke 22:12. (Compare: καταστρώννυμι, ὑποστρώννυμι.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
make bed, furnish, spread, strew.

Or simpler stronnuo (strone-noo'-o), prolongation from a still simpler stroo (stro'-o), (used only as an alternate in certain tenses) (probably akin to stereos through the idea of positing); to "strew," i.e. Spread (as a carpet or couch) -- make bed, furnish, spread, strew.

see GREEK stereos

Forms and Transliterations
εστρωμέναι εστρωμένης εστρωμενον εστρωμένον ἐστρωμένον εστρωννυον εστρώννυον ἐστρώννυον εστρωσαν έστρωσαν ἔστρωσαν έστρωσε έστρωσεν έστρωταί στρωσον στρώσον στρῶσον στρώσουσι estromenon estroménon estrōmenon estrōménon estronnuon estrōnnuon estronnyon estrōnnyon estrṓnnyon estrosan estrōsan éstrosan éstrōsan stroson strôson strōson strō̂son
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 21:8 V-AIA-3P
GRK: πλεῖστος ὄχλος ἔστρωσαν ἑαυτῶν τὰ
NAS: of the crowd spread their coats
KJV: multitude spread their
INT: most of [the] crowd spread their the

Matthew 21:8 V-IIA-3P
GRK: δένδρων καὶ ἐστρώννυον ἐν τῇ
NAS: from the trees and spreading them in the road.
KJV: and strawed [them] in
INT: trees and were spreading [them] on the

Mark 11:8 V-AIA-3P
GRK: ἱμάτια αὐτῶν ἔστρωσαν εἰς τὴν
NAS: And many spread their coats
KJV: And many spread their garments
INT: cloaks of them spread on the

Mark 14:15 V-RPM/P-ANS
GRK: ἀνάγαιον μέγα ἐστρωμένον ἕτοιμον καὶ
NAS: upper room furnished [and] ready;
KJV: upper room furnished [and] prepared:
INT: an upper room large furnished [and] ready And

Luke 22:12 V-RPM/P-ANS
GRK: ἀνάγαιον μέγα ἐστρωμένον ἐκεῖ ἑτοιμάσατε
NAS: you a large, furnished upper room;
KJV: upper room furnished: there
INT: upper room a large furnished there prepare

Acts 9:34 V-AMA-2S
GRK: ἀνάστηθι καὶ στρῶσον σεαυτῷ καὶ
NAS: you; get up and make your bed. Immediately
KJV: make thy bed. And he arose
INT: rise up and make the bed for yourself And

Strong's Greek 4766
6 Occurrences

ἐστρωμένον — 2 Occ.
ἐστρώννυον — 1 Occ.
ἔστρωσαν — 2 Occ.
στρῶσον — 1 Occ.

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