Joshua 17
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Manasseh’s Western Inheritance

1And the lot fell vpo the trybe of Manasse (for he is Iosephs first sonne) and it fell vpon Machir the first sonne of Manasse ye father of Gilead: for he was a ma of armes, therfore had he Gilead and Basan. 2It fell also vnto the other children of Manasse, namely vnto ye childre of Abieser, the children of Helek, the children of Asriel, the children of Sechem, the children of Hepher, and the children of Semida: These are the childre of Manasse the sonne of Ioseph, males, amonge their kynreds.

3But Zelaphead the sonne of Hepher the sonne of Gilead, the sonne of Machir, the sonne of Manasse, had no sonnes, but doughters, and their names are these: Mahala, Noa, Hagla, Milca, Tirza, 4and they came before Eleasar the prest, and before Iosua the sonne of Nun, and before the rulers, and sayde: The LORDE commaunded Moses, to geue vs enheritaunce amonge oure brethren. And so they had enheritaunce geuen them amonge their fathers brethren, acordinge to the commaundement of the LORDE. 5There fell vpon Manasse ten meetlynes without the londe of Gilead and Basan, which lyeth beyode Iordane. 6For ye doughters of Manasse receaued enheritaunce amonge his sonnes: but the other children of Manasse had the londe of Gilead.

7And the border of Manasse was fro Asser forth vnto Michmethath, that lyeth before Sichem, and reacheth vnto the righte syde of them of En Tapuah: 8for the londe of Tapuah fell vnto Manasse, and the border of Manasse is vnto the childre of Ephraim. 9Then commeth it downe to Nahelkana towarde the south syde of the ryuer cities, which are Ephraims amonge the cities of Manasse. But from the north is the border of Manasse by the ryuer, and goeth forth by the see syde, 10south warde vnto Ephraim, and to Manasse northwarde, and the see is his coaste. And it shal border on Aser from the north, and on Isachar from the easte. 11So (amoge Isachar and Asser) Manasses had Beth Sean and the townes therof, and Ieblaam and the townes therof, and them of Dor and their townes, and them of En Dor and their townes, & them of Taanach and their townes, and them of Mageddo and their townes, and the thirde parte of (the cite) Nophet. 12And the children of Manasse coude not dryue awaye the inhabiters of these cities, but the Cananites beganne to dwell in the same londe. 13Howbeit whan the children of Israel were able, they made the Cananites tributaries, and droue them not out.

14Then spake the children of Ioseph vnto Iosua, and sayde: Wherfore hast thou geue me but one porcion and one meetlyne of enheritaunce, and I am yet a greate people, as the LORDE hath blessed me so largely? 15Then sayde Iosua vnto them: For so moch as thou art a greate people, go vp therfore into ye wodd, and make thy selfe rowme there in the londe of the Pheresites and Raphaim, seynge mout Ephraim is to narowe for the. 16Then sayde the children of Ioseph: We shal not be able to attayne vnto the mountaynes, for there are yron charettes amonge all the Cananites, that dwell in the londe of Emek, by whom lyeth Beth Sean and the vyllages therof, and Iesrael in Emek. 17Iosua sayde vnto the house of Ioseph, euen to Ephraim and Manasses: Thou art a greate people, & for so moch as thou art so greate, thou must not haue one lot, 18but the mountayne where ye wod is, shal be thine: rote yt out for ye, so shall it be the outgoinge of thy porcion, whan thou dryuest out the Cananites, which haue yro charettes, & are mightie.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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