Job 6
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Job Replies: My Complaint Is Just

1Iob answered, and sayde:

2O that my misery weere weyed, and my punyshment layed in the balaunces:

3for then shulde it be heuyer, then the sonde of the see. This is the cause, that my wordes are so soroufull.

4For the allmighty hath shott at me with his arowes, whose indignacion hath droncke vp my sprete, and ye terrible feares of God fight agaysnt me.

5Doth the wilde asse roare when he hath grasse? Or crieth the oxe, whe he hath fodder ynough?

6Maye a thynge be eaten vnseasoned, or without salt? What taist hath ye whyte within the yoke an egg?

7The thinges that sometyme I might not awaye withall, are now my meate for very sorow.

8O that I might haue my desyre: O yt God wolde graunte me the thynge, that I longe for:

9That he wolde begynne and smyte me: that he wolde let his honde go, & hew me downe.

10The shulde I haue some coforte: yee I wolde desyre him in my payne, that he shulde not spare, for I will not be agaynst ye wordes of the holy one.

11What power haue I to endure? Or? what is myne ende, that my soule might be paciet?

12Is my strength the strength of stones? Or, is my flesh made of brasse?

13Am I able to helpe my self? Is not my strength gone fro me,

14like as yf one withdrewe a good dede from his frende, and forsoke the feare of God?

15Myne owne brethren passe ouer by me as the waterbroke, that hastely runneth thorow ye valleys.

16But they that feare the horefrost, the snowe shal fall vpon them.

17When their tyme cometh, they shalbe destroyed and perishe: and when they be set on fyre, they shalbe remoued out of their place,

18for the pathes yt they go in, are croked: they haist after vayne thinges, and shal perish.

19Considre the pathes off Theman, & the wayes off Saba, wherin they haue put their trust.

20Confounded are they, that put eny cofidence in them: For whe they came to opteyne the thynges that they loked for, they were brought to confucion.

21Eue so are ye also come vnto me: but now that ye se my mysery, ye are afrayed.

22Dyd I desyre you, to come hyther? Or, to geue me eny off youre substaunce?

23To delyuer me me from the enemies honde, or to saue me from the powers off the mightie?

24Teach me and I will holde my tonge: and yf I do erre, shewe me wherin.

25Wherfore blame ye then the wordes, that are well and truly spoken?

26which of you can reproue them? Sauynge only that ye are sotyll to check mens sayenges, and can speake many wordes in the wynde.

27Ye fall vpon the fatherlesse, ad go aboute to ouerthrowe youre owne frende.

28Wherfore loke not only vpon me, but vpon youre selues: whether I lye, or no.

29Turne into youre owne selues (I praye you) be indifferent iudges, and considre myne vngyltinesse:

30whether there be eny vnrightuousnesse in my tonge, or vayne wordes in my mouth.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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