Deuteronomy 32:12
Good News Translation
The LORD alone led his people without the help of a foreign god.

New Revised Standard Version
the LORD alone guided him; no foreign god was with him.

Contemporary English Version
Israel, the LORD led you, and without the aid of a foreign god,

New American Bible
The LORD alone guided them, no foreign god was with them.

Douay-Rheims Bible
The Lord alone was his leader: and there was no strange god with him.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

The Lord alone was his leader: and there was no strange god with him.

the Lord

Deuteronomy 1:31 And in the wilderness (as thou hast seen) the Lord thy God hath carried thee, as a man is wont to carry his little son, all the way that you have come, until you came to this place.

Nehemiah 9:12 And in a pillar of a cloud thou wast their leader by day, and in a pillar of fire by night, that they might see the way by which they went.

Psalm 27:11 Set me, O Lord, a law in thy way, and guide me in the right path, because of my enemies.

Psalm 78:14,53,53 And he conducted them with a cloud by day: and all the night with a light of fire. . . .

Psalm 80:1 Unto the end, for them that shall be changed, a testimony for Asaph, a psalm. [2] Give ear, O thou that rulest Israel: thou that leadest Joseph like a sheep. Thou that sittest upon the cherubims, shine forth

Psalm 136:16 Who led his people through the desert: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Isaiah 46:4 Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, all the remnant of the house of Israel who are carried by my bowels, are borne up by my womb.

Isaiah 63:9-13 In all their affliction he was not troubled, and the angel of his presence saved them: in his love, and in his mercy he redeemed them, and he carried them and lifted them up all the days of old. . . .

no strange

Isaiah 43:11,12 I am, I am the Lord: and there is no saviour besides me. . . .

Isaiah 44:7,8 Who is like to me? let him call and declare: and let him set before me the order, since I appointed the ancient people: and the things to come, and that shall be hereafter, let them shew unto them. . . .

The Song of Moses
11As the eagle enticing her young to fly, and hovering over them, he spread his wings, and hath taken him and carried him on his shoulders. 12The Lord alone was his leader: and there was no strange god with him.13He set him upon high land: that he might eat the fruits of the fields, that he might suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of the hardest stone,…
Cross References
Deuteronomy 4:35
That thou mightest know that the Lord he is God, and there is no other besides him.

Deuteronomy 4:39
Know therefore this day, and think in thy heart that the Lord he is God in heaven above, and in the earth beneath, and there is no other.

Deuteronomy 32:39
See ye that I alone am, and there is no other God besides me: I will kill and I will make to live: I will strike, and I will heal, and there is none that can deliver out of my hand.

Psalm 81:9
there shall be no new god in thee: neither shalt thou adore a strange god.

Isaiah 43:12
I have declared, and have saved. I have made it heard, and there was no strange one among you. You are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and I am God.

Isaiah 63:14
As a beast that goeth down in the field, the spirit of the Lord was their leader: so didst thou lead thy people to make thyself a glorious name.

Deuteronomy 32:11
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