Psalm 115
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To Your Name Be the Glory
(Psalm 135:1–21)

1Geue praise not vnto vs O God, not vnto vs, but vnto thy name: for thy louing mercy, and for thy truethes sake.

2Wherfore shal the Heathen say: where is nowe their God?

3Truely our Lorde is in heauen: he hath done whatsoeuer pleased him.

4Their idols are siluer and gold: euen the workes of mens handes.

5They haue a mouth and speake not: they haue eyes and see not.

6They haue eares and heare not: they haue noses and smell not.

7They haue handes and handle not, they haue feete and walke not: and they vtter no sounde out of their throtes.

8They that make them are lyke vnto them: euery one that putteth his trust in them.

9But Israel trust thou in God: he is their ayde and their shielde.

10Ye house of Aaron trust you in God: he is their ayde and their shielde.

11Ye that feare God, trust ye in God: he is their ayde and their shielde.

12God hath ben myndfull of vs, he wyll blesse vs: he wyll blesse the house of Israel, he wyll blesse the house of Aaron.

13He wyll blesse those that feare God: the small with the great.

14God wyll encrease you more and more: both you and also your children.

15Ye are the blessed of God: which made heauen and earth.

16The heauen, the heauen I say is Gods: and he hath geuen the earth vnto the children of men.

17The dead prayse not thee O Lorde: neither all they that go downe into the place of scilence.

18But we wyll prayse the Lord: from this tyme foorth for euermore. Prayse ye the Lorde.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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