Proverbs 11
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

Dishonest Scales
(Deuteronomy 25:13–16; Ezekiel 45:10–12)

1A false ballaunce is an abomination vnto the Lorde: but a true wayght pleaseth him.

2Where pryde is, there is shame also and confusion: but wheras is lowlinesse, there is wisdome.

3The innocent dealyng of the iust shall leade them: but the wickednesse of the offendours shalbe their owne destruction.

4Riches helpe not in the day of vengeaunce: but ryghteousnesse deliuereth from death.

5The ryghteousnesse of the innocent ordereth his way: but the vngodly shall fall in his owne wickednesse.

6The righteousnesse of the iust shall delyuer them: but the wicked shalbe taken in their owne vngodlynesse.

7When an vngodly man dyeth, his hope is gone: the confidence of riches shall perishe.

8The ryghteous shalbe delyuered out of trouble: and the vngodly shall come in his steade.

9The dissembler with his mouth hurteth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the iust be deliuered.

10When it goeth well with the ryghteous the citie is mery: and when the vngodly perishe there is gladnesse.

11In the blessyng of the ryghteous the citie is exalted: but it is ouerthrowen by the mouth of the wicked.

12A foole slaundereth his neyghbour: but a wise man holdeth his peace.

13A dissemblyng person wyll discouer priuie thynges: but he that is of a faythfull heart wyll kepe counsayle.

14Where no counsayle is, there the people decay: but wheras many are that can geue counsayle, there is wealth.

15He that is suretie for a straunger shall smart for it: and he that hateth suretishyp is sure.

16A gratious woman getteth honour: but the strong men attayne riches.

17He that is mercifull, doth hym selfe a benefite: but who so hurteth his neyghbour, is a tiraunt.

18The vngodly worketh deceiptfull workes: but he that soweth righteousnesse shall receaue a sure rewarde.

19Lyke as ryghteousnesse bringeth lyfe: euen so to cleaue vnto euyll, bryngeth death.

20The Lorde abhorreth them that be of a corrupt heart: but he hath pleasure in them that are of an vndefiled conuersation.

21Though hand be ioyned in hande, yet the wicked shall not escape: but the seede of the ryghteous shalbe preserued.

22A faire woman without discrete maners, is lyke a ryng of golde in a swines snoute.

23The desire of the ryghteous is acceptable: but the hope of the vngodly is indignation.

24Some man geueth out his goodes and is the richer: but the niggarde hauyng inough, wyll depart from nothyng, and yet is euer in pouertie.

25He that is liberall in geuyng, shall haue plentie: and he that watereth, shalbe watered also hym selfe.

26Who so hoordeth vp his corne, shalbe cursed among the people: but blessyng shall lyght vpon his head that geueth foode.

27He that searcheth for good thynges fyndeth fauour: but who so seketh after mischiefe, it shall happen vnto hym.

28He that trusteth in his riches shall haue a fall: but the ryghteous shall florishe as the greene leafe.

29Who so maketh disquietnesse in his owne house, he shal haue winde for his heritage: and the foole shalbe seruaunt to the wise.

30The fruite of the ryghteous is a tree of life: and he that winneth mens soules is wise.

31If the ryghteous be recompensed vpon earth: howe much more then the vngodly and the sinner?

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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