Psalm 58
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
1Whether truly you are speaking righteousness and integrity, you judge, oh, children of men!

2Behold, you all speak evil in the Earth, and your hands are defiled with evil.

3The evil are set apart from the belly and have gone astray from the womb, speaking lies.

4Their venom is like a snake's or that of a cockatrice, or like a deaf asp that covers its ears.

5That will not hear the voice of the charmer or conjurer or of a wise man.

6God will shatter their teeth in their mouths and Lord Jehovah pulls out the fangs of the Lions.

7They will be rejected like waters that are thrown out and he will shoot his arrows until they are finished.

8* Like wax that is melted and falls before the fire, they will be destroyed; the fire has fallen and they have not seen neither have they perceived the sun.

9Let their thorns be brambles and let wrath trouble them.

10The Righteous One will rejoice, who sees the vengeance, and he will wash his hands in the blood of the wicked.

11A son of man shall say, "There is truly a reward for the righteous; it is God who shall judge them in the Earth".

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