1 Corinthians 8
Wycliffe's Bible
1But of these things that be sacrificed to idols, we know, for all we have knowing. But knowing, (or science), bloweth (with pride), charity edifieth (But such knowledge swelleth a man with pride, while love edifieth). 2But if any man guesseth, (or deemeth), that he knoweth anything, he hath not yet known how it behooveth him to know. 3And if any man loveth God, this is known of him (this is known by him).

4But of meats, (or of foods), that be offered to idols, we know, that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is no God but one. 5For though there be some that be said gods, either in heaven, either in earth, as there be many gods, and many lords; 6nevertheless to us (there) is one God, the Father, of whom be all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom be all things, and we by him.

7But not in all men is knowing. For some men with (the) conscience of idol(s) till now, that is, they guess that the idol is some divine thing, eat (such food) as (a) thing offered to idols; and (so) their conscience is defouled, for it is sick. (But not all men have this knowledge. For some men with the consciousness, or with the experience, of idols until now, that is, they think that the idol is some divine thing, eat such food that was offered to idols; and so their conscience is defiled, for it is frail and weak.) 8Meat commendeth us not to God (Food commendeth us not to God); for neither we shall fail, if we eat not, neither if we eat, we shall have plenty, (or we shall abound). 9But see ye, lest peradventure this your leave be made (a) hurting to sick men (to frail and weak men). [+See ye forsooth, lest peradventure this your license, or leave, be made (a) hurting to sick men, or frail.] 10For if any man shall see him, that hath knowing (who hath knowledge of God), eating in a place where idols be worshipped, whether his conscience, since it is sick (since it is frail and weak), shall not be edified to eat things offered to idols? 11And the sick, (or the unsteadfast), brother, for whom Christ died, shall perish in thy knowing. (And the weak and frail brother, for whom the Messiah died, shall now perish because of thy so-called knowledge.) 12For thus ye sinning against (the) brethren, and smiting their sick conscience, sin against Christ. (For thus ye sinning against the brothers, and striking, or wounding, their frail and weak conscience, sin against the Messiah.) 13Wherefore if meat causeth my brother to stumble (And so if any food causeth my brother to stumble), I shall never eat flesh, lest I cause my brother to stumble.


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