Numbers 12
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The Complaint of Miriam and Aaron

1And Mir Iam and Aaron spake agest Moses because of his wife of inde which he had taken: for he had taken to wyfe one of India. 2And they sayed: doth ye Lorde speake oly thorow Moses? doth he not speake also by us? And the Lorde herde it. 3But Moses was a very meke man aboue all the men of the erthe. 4And ye Lorde spake attonce vnto Moses vnto Aaron and Mir Iam: come out ye .iij. vnto the tabernacle of witnesse: and they came out all thre. 5And the Lorde came doune in the piler of the cloude and stode in the dore of the tabernacle and called Aaron ad Mir Iam. And they went out both of them.

6And he sayed: heare my wordes. Yf there be a prophet of the Lordes amonge you I will shewe my selfe vnto him in a vision and will speake vnto him in a dreame:

7But my servaunte Moses is not so which is faythfull in all myne housse.

8Vnto him I speake mouth to mouth and he seeth the syght and the facyon of the Lorde ad not thorow rydels. Wherfore the were ye not afrayed to speake agenst my servaunte Moses?

9And the Lorde was angrye with them and went his waye 10and the cloude departed from of the tabernacle. And beholde MyrIam was become leprous as it were snowe And when Aaron looked apon Mir Iam and sawe that she was leprous 11he sayed vnto Moses: Oh I beseche the my lorde put not the synne apon vs which we haue folishly commytted and synned. 12Oh let her not be as one that came deed oute of his mothers wombe: for halfe hyr fleshe is eaten awaye. 13And Moses cryed vnto the Lorde sayenge: Oh god heale her. 14And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses: Yf hir father had spitte in hyr face sholde she not be ashamed .vij. dayes? let her be shut out of the hoste .vij. dayes and after that let her be receyued in agayne. 15And Mir Iam was shett out of the hoste .vij. dayes: ad the people remoued not till she was broughte in agayne.

16And afterwarde they remoued from Hazeroth and pitched in ye wildernesse of Pharan.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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