Numbers 10
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The Two Silver Trumpets

1And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: 2Make the two trompettes of harde syluer that thou mayst vse the to call the congregacion together and when the hoste shall iurney. 3when they blowe with them all the multitude shall resorte to the vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse. 4Yf but one trumpet blowe only then the princes which are heedes ouer the thousandes of Ysrael shall come vnto the. 5And when ye trompe the first tyme the hostes that lye on the east partes shall goo forwarde. 6And when ye trope the seconde tyme then the hostes that lye on ye south syde shall take their iurney: for they shall trompe when they take their iurneyes. 7And in gatherynge the congregacion together ye shall blowe and not trompe. 8And the sonnes of Aaron the preastes shall blowe the trompettes and shall haue them and it shalbe a lawe vnto you for euer and amonge youre childern after you. 9And when ye shall goo to warre in youre londe agenst youre enymies that vexe you ye shall trompe with the trompettes and ye shalbe remebred before the Lorde youre God and saued from youre enymies. 10Also when ye be mery in yo ure fest dayes and in the first dayes of youre monethes ye shall blowe the trompettes ouer youre burnt sacrifices and peaseofferynges that it maye be a remebrauce of you before youre God. I am the lorde youre God.

From Sinai to Paran

11And it came to passe the .xx. daye of the seconde moneth in ye seconde yere that the cloude was take vpp from of the habitacion of witnesse. 12And the childern of Israel toke their iurney out of the deserte of Sinai and the cloude rested in ye wildernesse of Para. 13And ye first toke their iurney at the mouth of the Lorde by the honde of Moses: 14euen the standerte of ye hoste of Iuda remoued first with their armies whose captayne was Nahesson ye sonne of Aminadab. 15And ouer the hoste of ye trybe of the childern of Isachar was Nathaneel the sonne of zuar. 16And ouer the hoste of ye trybe of the childern of Zabulon was Eliab the sonne of Helon.

17And the habitacion was taken doune: and the sonnes of Gerson and Merari went forth bearynge the habitacion 18Then the standert of the hoste of Ruben went forth with their armies whose captayne was Elizur the sonne of Sedeur. 19And ouer the hoste of the trybe of ye childern of Simeon was Selumiel 20the sonne of Deguel.

21Then the Cahathites went forwarde and bare the holy thynges and the other dyd set vp the habitacion agenst they came. 22Then the standert of the hoste of the childern of Ephraim went forth with their armies whose captayne was Elisama the sonne of Amiud. 23And ouer the hoste of the trybe of the sonnes of Manasse was Samaleel the sonne of Pedazur. 24And ouer the hoste of the trybe of the sonnes of Ben Iamin was Abidan the sonne of Gedeoni.

25And hynmost of all the hoste came the standert of the hoste of the childern of Dan with their armies: whose captayne was Ahiezar the sonne of Ammi Sadai. 26And ouer the hoste of the trybe of the childern of Asser was Pagiel the sonne of Ochran. 27And ouer the hoste of the trybe of the childern of Naphtali was Ahira the sonne of Enan 28of this maner were the iurneyes of the childern of Israel with their armies when they remoued.

29And Moses sayde vnto Hobab the sonne of Raguel the Madianyte Moses father lawe: we goo vnto the place of which the Lorde sayde I will geue it you. Goo with us ad we will doo the good for the Lorde hath promysed goode vnto Israel. 30And he sayde vnto him: I will not: but will goo to myne awne londe and to my kynred. 31And Moses sayde oh nay leaue us not for thou knowest where is best for us to pitche in the wildernesse: and thou shalt be oure e yes 32And yf thou goo with us loke what goodnesse the Lorde sheweth apon us the same we will shewe apon the

33And they departed from the mount of the Lorde .iij. dayes iurney and the arcke of the testament of the Lorde went before them in the .iij. dayes iurney to serche out a restynge place for them. 34And the cloude of the Lorde was ouer them by daye when they went out of the tentes.

35And when the arcke went forth Moses sayde Ryse vp Lorde and lat thine enemies be scatered and let them that hate the flee before the.

36And when the arcke rested he sayde returne Lorde vnto the many thousandes of Ysrael.

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