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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. i.) To talk much and to little purpose; to be loquacious; to speak foolishly; to babble.

2. (v. t.) To utter foolishly; to speak without reason or purpose; to chatter, or babble.

3. (n.) Talk to little purpose; trifling talk; unmeaning loquacity.

5396. phluareo -- to talk nonsense
... disparage. From phluaros; to be a babbler or trifler, ie (by implication) to berate
idly or mischievously -- prate against. see GREEK phluaros. ...
// - 7k

945. battalogeo -- to stammer
... use vain repetitions. From Battos (a proverbial stammerer) and logos; to stutter,
ie (by implication) to prate tediously -- use vain repetitions. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
6527. parat -- perhaps divide
... root Definition perhaps divide NASB Word Usage improvise (1). chant. A primitive
root; to scatter words, ie Prate (or hum) -- chant. 6526, 6527. parat. 6528 ...
/hebrew/6527.htm - 5k

The Absolute Godhood of God is Seen in Salvation
... Then why prate so loudly and blatantly about the unreasonableness of
Reprobation and of God'sabsolute Sovereignty in salvation? ...
// godhood of god/4 the absolute godhood of.htm

Impressive Phrases
... B. bad, vicious, unwholesome, and distressing. babble, prate, chatter, and prattle.
barbarous, brutal, inhuman, and cruel. base, cowardly, abject, and hideous. ...
/.../kleiser/fifteen thousand useful phrases/section iv impressive phrases.htm

Don'ts for Public Speakers
... DON'TS FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. Don't rant. Don't prate. Don't fidget. Don't flatter.
Don't declaim. Don't be glib. Don't hesitate. Don't be nasal. Don't apologize. ...
// on talking/donts for public speakers.htm

Sovereignty and Human Responsibility
... Rev.3:17). They prate about the 'Ascent of Man,' and deny his Fall. They
put darkness for light and light for darkness. They boast ...
/.../pink/the sovereignty of god/chapter eight sovereignty and human.htm

Of the Matters to be Considered in the Councils.
... Peter, it is a new sort of resemblance. They prate of its being heretical to object
to this; nay, they will not even hear how unchristian and ungodly it is. ...
/.../luther/first principles of the reformation/ii of the matters to.htm

Twentieth Sunday after Trinity the Careful Walk of the Christian.
... They have just enough connection with it to be able to prate of it, boasting themselves
Christians but giving no indication of the fact in their conduct. ...
/.../luther/epistle sermons vol iii/twentieth sunday after trinity the.htm

Watching unto God in the Night Season
... Surely, idle conversation. Is an evil matched by none. Worldly prate and babble
hurt me; Unintelligible prove; Neither teach me nor divert me; ...
/.../watching unto god in the 2.htm

1 Cor. xiv. 34
... it is not permitted to speak inconsiderately, nor when they will, and this, though
they be moved by the Spirit; much less to those women who prate idly and to ...
/.../homilies on the epistles of paul to the corinthians/homily xxxvii 1 cor xiv.htm

Abaelard had Defined Faith as an Opinion or Estimate: Bernard ...
... is only an opinion. Do you prate to me that that is ambiguous than which
there is nothing more certain? But Augustine says otherwise ...
/.../chapter iv abaelard had defined.htm

Philip and St. Jerome
... He had seen the most ostentatious Pharisaism devoid of the elementary Christian
graces, and had heard men prate of an ideal which, in their practice, was ...
/.../chapter lxiii philip and st.htm

Prate (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Prate (1 Occurrence). Psalms 94:4 They prate, they speak
arrogantly: All the workers of iniquity boast themselves. (ASV). ...
/p/prate.htm - 6k

Loftily (4 Occurrences)
... loftily. (KJV ASV DBY WBS RSV). Psalms 94:4 They prate, they speak arrogantly:
All the workers of iniquity boast themselves. (See JPS). ...
/l/loftily.htm - 8k

Gush (7 Occurrences)
... Psalms 94:4 They prate, they speak arrogantly: All the workers of iniquity boast
themselves. (See JPS). Psalms 104:10 He sends forth springs into the valleys. ...
/g/gush.htm - 9k

Gossip (7 Occurrences)
... 5. (vt) To stand sponsor to. 6. (vi) To make merry. 7. (vi) To prate; to chat; to
talk much. 8. (vi) To run about and tattle; to tell idle tales. ...
/g/gossip.htm - 9k

Talk (164 Occurrences)
... persons interchange thoughts. 2. (n.) To confer; to reason; to consult.
3. (n.) To prate; to speak impertinently. 4. (vt) To speak ...
/t/talk.htm - 36k

Tongue (160 Occurrences)
... instruments. 23. (vt) To join means of a tongue and grove; as, to tongue
boards together. 24. (vi) To talk; to prate. 25. (vi) To ...
/t/tongue.htm - 42k

Prating (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Prate. Multi-Version Concordance
Prating (3 Occurrences). 3 John 1:10 Wherefore, if ...
/p/prating.htm - 7k

Pransings (1 Occurrence)

/p/pransings.htm - 6k

Babble (1 Occurrence)
... a child babbles. 2. (vi) To talk incoherently; to utter unmeaning words.
3. (vi) To talk much; to chatter; to prate. 4. (vi) To ...
/b/babble.htm - 7k

Chatter (5 Occurrences)
... indistinct. 2. (vi) To talk idly, carelessly, or with undue rapidity; to jabber;
to prate. 3. (vi) To make a noise by rapid collisions. ...
/c/chatter.htm - 8k

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