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3550. nomothetes -- a lawgiver
... oth-et'-ace) Short Definition: a law-giver, legislator Definition: a law-giver,
legislator. Word Origin from nomos and tithemi Definition a lawgiver NASB Word ...
// - 6k

3475. Mouses -- Moses, a leader of Isr.
... Moses. Or Moses (mo-sace'), or Mouses (mo-oo-sace') of Hebrew origin; (Mosheh) Moseus,
Moses, or Mouses (ie Mosheh), the Hebrew lawgiver -- Moses. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
4872. Mosheh -- a great Isr. leader, prophet and lawgiver
... 4871, 4872. Mosheh. 4873 . a great Isr. leader, prophet and lawgiver.
Transliteration: Mosheh Phonetic Spelling: (mo-sheh') Short Definition: Moses. ...
/hebrew/4872.htm - 6k

4873. Mosheh -- a great Isr. leader, prophet and lawgiver
... 4872, 4873. Mosheh. 4874 . a great Isr. leader, prophet and lawgiver.
Transliteration: Mosheh Phonetic Spelling: (mo-sheh') Short Definition: Moses. ...
/hebrew/4873.htm - 6k

2710. chaqaq -- to cut in, inscribe, decree
... to cut in, inscribe, decree NASB Word Usage carve (1), commanders (2), decree (1),
decreed (1), enact (1), inscribe (2), inscribed (3), lawgiver (1), marked (1 ...
/hebrew/2710.htm - 6k


Judge, Lawgiver, King
... JUDGE, LAWGIVER, KING. 'For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver,
the Lord is our King; He will save us.'"Isaiah 33:22. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture h/judge lawgiver king.htm

On the Epistle to the Galatians the Abolition of the Ordinances of ...
... Mosaic Law No Proof of Another God. The Divine Lawgiver, the Creator Himself,
Was the Abrogator. The Apostle's Doctrine in the First ...
/.../tertullian/the five books against marcion/chapter ii on the epistle to.htm

Whether He who is under a Law May Act Beside the Letter of the Law ...
... judgment not on them, but according to them." But if anyone disregard the letter
of the law, saying that he observes the intention of the lawgiver, he seems to ...
// theologica/whether he who is under.htm

Whether the Precepts of the Decalogue are Dispensable?
... precepts admit of dispensation, when there occurs a particular case in which, if
the letter of the law be observed, the intention of the lawgiver is frustrated ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether the precepts of the 4.htm

Whether we Should Always Judge According to the Written Law?
... Objection 3: Further, a law is written in order that the lawgiver's intention
may be made clear. But it happens sometimes that even ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether we should always judge.htm

Whether the Mode of virtue Falls under the Precept of the Law?
... Objection 2: Further, that which belongs to the intention of the lawgiver
comes chiefly under the precept. But the intention of ...
/...// theologica/whether the mode of virtue.htm

The Preface to the Commandments
... speaking to them. Observe: (1) The lawgiver. God spake.' There are two things
requisite in a lawgiver. [1] Wisdom. Laws are founded ...
// ten commandments/1 3 the preface to the.htm

The Antiquity of Moses Proved by Greek Writers.
... I will begin, then, with our first prophet and lawgiver, Moses; first explaining
the times in which he lived, on authorities which among you are worthy of all ...
/.../justins hortatory address to the greeks/chapter ix the antiquity of moses.htm

Through the Red Sea
... The Lawgiver had passed from among them, and those that followed him with their
eyes saw that he was moving toward the sea, seemingly at the very limit of the ...
// yoke/chapter xlv through the red.htm

Christ Predicted by Moses.
... Moses then, who was the first of the prophets, spoke in these very words: "The sceptre
shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until ...
/.../justin/the first apology of justin/chapter xxxii christ predicted by moses.htm

Lawgiver (7 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. LAWGIVER. lo'-giv ... destroy. Man is denied
the authority to judge because he is not the lawgiver. God ...
/l/lawgiver.htm - 13k

Law-giver (5 Occurrences)
Law-giver. Lawgiver, Law-giver. Lawgivers . Multi-Version Concordance Law-giver
(5 Occurrences). ... (BBE). Lawgiver, Law-giver. Lawgivers . Reference Bible
/l/law-giver.htm - 7k

Lawgiver's (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Lawgiver's (1 Occurrence). Deuteronomy 33:21 He provided
the first part for himself, for there was the lawgiver's portion reserved. ...
/l/lawgiver's.htm - 6k

Sceptre (20 Occurrences)
... Another word, mechoqeq, literally, "prescribing" (person or thing), formerly translated
uniformly "lawgiver," is now generally taken, on the basis of ...
/s/sceptre.htm - 17k

Governor (78 Occurrences)
... There is consequently much confusion in the use of titles such as "deputy,"
"duke," "judge," "lawgiver," "overseer" "prince" "ruler" etc. ...
/g/governor.htm - 48k

... to the Essenes is his early work, Quod Omnis Probus Liber, "that every good man
is free." This treatise is intended for a Gentile audience-the "Lawgiver of the ...
/e/essenes.htm - 38k

Deuteronomy (1 Occurrence)
... Their great lawgiver stands before us, vigorous in his hoary age, stern in his
abhorrence of evil, earnest in his zeal for God, but mellowed in all relations ...
/d/deuteronomy.htm - 44k

Moses (9295 Occurrences)
... Septuagint Mouse(s)). The great Hebrew national hero, leader, author, law-giver
and prophet. ... WORK AND CHARACTER 1. The Author 2. The Lawgiver 3. The Prophet ...
/m/moses.htm - 53k

Neighbour's (30 Occurrences)
... James 4:12 There is only one judge and law-giver, even he who has the power of
salvation and of destruction; but who are you to be your neighbour's judge? ...
/n/neighbour's.htm - 15k

Law-giver (5 Occurrences)

James 4:12
There is only one judge and law-giver, even he who has the power of salvation and of destruction; but who are you to be your neighbour's judge?

Genesis 49:10
The rod of authority will not be taken from Judah, and he will not be without a law-giver, till he comes who has the right to it, and the peoples will put themselves under his rule.

Psalms 60:7
Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine; and Ephraim is the strength of my head; Judah is my law-giver;

Psalms 108:8
Gilead is mine; Manasseh is mine; Ephraim is the strength of my head; Judah is my law-giver;

Isaiah 33:22
For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our law-giver, the Lord is our king; he will be our saviour.



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