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Easton's Bible Dictionary
Chald. karb'ela, (Dan. 3:21), properly mantle or pallium. The Revised Version renders it "tunic."
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Hot.

2. (a.) sing. pres. of Hote to be called. Cf.

3. (n.) A covering for the head; esp., one with a crown and brim, made of various materials, and worn by men or women for protecting the head from the sun or weather, or for ornament.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

The original word (karbela', Aramaic) rendered "hat" in Daniel 3:21 the King James Version is very rare, appearing only here in the Old Testament. There is acknowledged difficulty in translating it, as well as the other words of the passage. "Hat" of the King James Version certainly fails to give its exact meaning. The hat as we know it, i.e. headgear distinguished from the cap or bonnet by a circular brim, was unknown to the ancient East. The nearest thing to the modern hat among the ancients was the petasus worn by the Romans when on a journey, though something like it was used on like occasions by the early Greeks. In the earlier Hebrew writings there is little concerning the headgear worn by the people. In 1 Kings 20:31 we find mention of "ropes" upon the head in connection with "sackcloth" on the loins. On Egyptian monuments are found pictures of Syrians likewise with cords tied about their flowing hair. The custom, however, did not survive, or was modified, clearly because the cord alone would afford no protection against the sun, to which peasants and travelers were perilously exposed. It is likely, therefore, that for kindred reasons the later Israelites used a head-covering similar to that of the modern Bedouin. This consists of a rectangular piece of cloth called keffiyeh, which is usually folded into triangular form and placed over the head so as to let the middle part hang down over the back of the neck and protect it from the sun, while the two ends are drawn as needed under the chin and tied, or thrown back over the shoulders. A cord of wool is then used to secure it at the top. It became customary still later for Israelites to use a head-covering more like the "turban" worn by the fella-heen today. It consists in detail of a piece of cotton cloth worked into the form of a cap (takiyeh), and so worn as to protect the other headgear from being soiled by the perspiration. A felt cap, or, as among the Turks, a fez or red tarbush, is worn over this. On the top of these is wound a long piece of cotton cloth with red stripes and fringes, a flowered kerchief, or a striped keffiyeh. This protects the head from the sun, serves as a sort of purse by day, and often as a pillow by night. Some such headgear is probably meant by the "diadem" of Job 29:14 and the "hood" of Isaiah 3:23, Hebrew tsaniph, from tsanaph, "to roll up like a coil" (compare Isaiah 22:18).

George B. Eager

Strong's Hebrew
5899. ir hattemarim -- Ir-hat-Temarim, a place in Palestine -- the ...
... Ir-hat-Temarim, a place in Palestine -- the city of palm trees. Transliteration:
ir hattemarim Phonetic Spelling: (eer hat-tem-aw-reem') Short Definition: palm. ...
/hebrew/5899.htm - 6k

2694. Chatser Hattikon -- a place near the border of Hauran
... a place near the border of Hauran. Transliteration: Chatser Hattikon Phonetic Spelling:
(khats-ar' hat-tee-kone') Short Definition: Hazer-hatticon. ...
/hebrew/2694.htm - 6k

6914. Qibroth Hattaavah -- "the graves of desire," a place in the ...
... Qibroth Hattaavah. 6915 . "the graves of desire," a place in the desert.
Transliteration: Qibroth Hattaavah Phonetic Spelling: (kib-roth' hat-tah-av-aw') ...
/hebrew/6914.htm - 6k

3737. karbela -- a helmet, cap
... hat. (Aramaic) from a verb corresponding to that of karbel; a mantle -- hat. see
HEBREW karbel. 3736, 3737. karbela. 3738 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/3737.htm - 6k

923. bahat -- perhaps porphyry
... 922, 923. bahat. 924 . perhaps porphyry. Transliteration: bahat Phonetic
Spelling: (bah'-hat) Short Definition: porphyry. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/923.htm - 5k

3857. lahat -- to blaze up, flame
... 3856, 3857. lahat. 3858 . to blaze up, flame. Transliteration: lahat Phonetic
Spelling: (law-hat') Short Definition: burns. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/3857.htm - 6k

3858. lahat -- a flame
... 3857, 3858. lahat. 3858a . a flame. Transliteration: lahat Phonetic Spelling:
(lah'-hat) Short Definition: flaming. flaming, enchantment ...
/hebrew/3858.htm - 5k

7298. rahat -- a trough
... 7297, 7298. rahat. 7298a . a trough. Transliteration: rahat Phonetic Spelling:
(rah'-hat) Short Definition: gallery. gallery, gutter, trough ...
/hebrew/7298.htm - 5k

8378. taavah -- a desire
... See also Qibrowth hat-Ta'a-vah. see HEBREW 'avah. see HEBREW Qibrowth
hat-Ta'a-vah. 8377, 8378. taavah. 8379 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/8378.htm - 6k


Attack on Wesley's Hat
... Chapter 12. Wesley's Letter to an Editor; Impositions and Declarations; the
Speaking Statue; Wesley's Pentecost Attack on Wesley's Hat. ...
/.../wesley/the journal of john wesley/attack on wesleys hat.htm

Nein, Das Kreuz Hat Keine Last
... Nein, das Kreuz hat keine Last. Nay! not sore the Cross's weight, Save to souls
the Cross that hate; Souls that can with love receive it,. ...
/.../winkworth/christian singers of germany/nein das kreuz hat keine.htm

Christ Lag in Todesbanden. Christ was Laid in Death's Strong Bands ...
... 1. Christ lag in Todesbanden Fuer unser' Suend' gegeben; Der ist wieder erstanden
Und hat uns bracht das Leben: Dess wir sollen froehlich sein, Gott loben und ...
/.../bacon/the hymns of martin luther/ix christ lag in todesbanden.htm

... DYNASTY XII. (THEBAN). 1. Amon-em-hat I.-S-hotep-ab-Ra, alone 20 years. ... With
Amon-em-hat II., 3 years. 3. Amon-em-hat II.-Nub-kau-Ra, alone 29 years. ...
/.../sayce/early israel and the surrounding nations/appendices.htm

Easter Litany of the Moravian Church. AD 1749.
... Ich glaube an den Einigen Gott, l'ater, Sohn, und heiligen Geist, der alle Dinge
geschaffen hat durch Jesum Christ, und war in Christo, und vers??hnte die Welt ...
/.../easter litany of the moravian.htm

The Petition
... "Suffice it to say that the offended is she of whom we talked one day on the hill
back of Masaarah; the offender is Har-hat who hath buried me here in Tape. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/miller/the yoke/chapter xxiv the petition.htm

List of Characters and Places
... Har-hat,"Hahr'-hat, fan-bearer, or prime minister to the Pharaoh; father of Masanath. ...
Masanath,"Ma-sayn'-ath, second daughter to Har-hat, beloved of Hotep. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/miller/the yoke/list of characters and places.htm

Ein Neues Lied Wir Heben An. By Help of God I Fain Would Tell.
... happy summer. 1. Ein neues Lied wir heben an, Das walt' Gott unser Herre,
Zu singen was Gott hat gethan Zu seinem Lob und Ehre. Zu ...
/.../bacon/the hymns of martin luther/v ein neues lied wir.htm

The Heir Intervenes
... been sent. Har-hat should be watched vigilantly. But ... own counsel. If Meneptah
spoke to him he but seconded Har-hat's suggestions. But ...
//christianbookshelf.org/miller/the yoke/chapter xxvii the heir intervenes.htm

Annie and Vanie's First Real Prayer
... "He walks this way. He seems looking for something. He walks slow, and is without
his hat. ... "Oh yes, there he is; this time with his hat on," said Annie. ...
/.../annie and vanies first real.htm

Uncover (35 Occurrences)
... 2. (vt) To show openly; to disclose; to reveal. 3. (vt) To divest of the hat or
cap; to bare the head of; as, to uncover one's head; to uncover one's self. ...
/u/uncover.htm - 18k

Flap (1 Occurrence)
... 5. (n.) To beat with a flap; to strike. 6. (n.) To move, as something broad and
flaplike; as, to flap the wings; to let fall, as the brim of a hat. ...
/f/flap.htm - 7k

Me (44537 Occurrences)
... first person used as the objective and dative case of the pronoun I; as, he struck
me; he gave me the money, or he gave the money to me; he got me a hat, or he ...
/m/me.htm - 7k

Block (22 Occurrences)
... 4. (n.) The pattern or shape of a hat. ... 16. (n.) To shape on, or stamp with, a block;
as, to block a hat. Multi-Version Concordance Block (22 Occurrences). ...
/b/block.htm - 16k

Cock (12 Occurrences)
... 10. (vt) To shape, as a hat, by turning up the brim. ... 14. (n.) The act of cocking;
also, the turn so given; as, a cock of the eyes; to give a hat a saucy cock. ...
/c/cock.htm - 13k

...HAT. The original word (karbela', Aramaic) rendered "hat" in Daniel 3:21 the King
James Version is very rare, appearing only here in the Old Testament. ...
/h/hat.htm - 9k

Ostrich (9 Occurrences)
... exquisite feathers were first used to decorate the headdress and shields of desert
chieftains, then as decorations for royalty, and later for hat and hair ...
/o/ostrich.htm - 18k

Off (5363 Occurrences)
... 3. (adv.) Denoting the action of removing or separating; separation; as, to take
off the hat or cloak; to cut off, to pare off, to clip off, to peel off, to ...
/o/off.htm - 8k

Leave (341 Occurrences)
... 10. (v.) To put; to place; to deposit; to deliver; to commit; to submit -- with
a sense of withdrawing one's self from; as, leave your hat in the hall; we left ...
/l/leave.htm - 35k

Weed (3 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) An article of dress worn in token of grief; a mourning garment or badge;
as, he wore a weed on his hat; especially, in the plural, mourning garb, as of ...
/w/weed.htm - 8k

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