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Ar-ta-xerx'es (14 Occurrences)

Ezra 4:7
In the days of Artaxerxes wrote Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabeel, and the rest of his companions, to Artaxerxes king of Persia; and the writing of the letter was written in the Syrian character, and set forth in the Syrian language.
(See RSV)

Ezra 4:8
Rehum the chancellor and Shimshai the scribe wrote a letter against Jerusalem to Artaxerxes the king in this sort:
(See RSV)

Ezra 4:11
This is the copy of the letter that they sent to Artaxerxes the king: Your servants the men beyond the River, and so forth.
(See RSV)

Ezra 4:23
Then when the copy of king Artaxerxes' letter was read before Rehum, and Shimshai the scribe, and their companions, they went in haste to Jerusalem to the Jews, and made them to cease by force and power.
(See RSV)

Ezra 6:14
The elders of the Jews built and prospered, through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo. They built and finished it, according to the commandment of the God of Israel, and according to the decree of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes king of Persia. the lowest
(See RSV)

Ezra 7:1
Now after these things, in the reign of Artaxerxes king of Persia, Ezra the son of Seraiah, the son of Azariah, the son of Hilkiah,
(See RSV)

Ezra 7:7
There went up some of the children of Israel, and of the priests, and the Levites, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nethinim, to Jerusalem, in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the king.
(See RSV)

Ezra 7:11
Now this is the copy of the letter that the king Artaxerxes gave to Ezra the priest, the scribe, even the scribe of the words of the commandments of Yahweh, and of his statutes to Israel:
(See RSV)

Ezra 7:12
Artaxerxes, king of kings, to Ezra the priest, the scribe of the law of the God of heaven, perfect and so forth.
(See RSV)

Ezra 7:21
I, even I Artaxerxes the king, do make a decree to all the treasurers who are beyond the River, that whatever Ezra the priest, the scribe of the law of the God of heaven, shall require of you, it be done with all diligence,
(See RSV)

Ezra 8:1
Now these are the heads of their fathers' houses, and this is the genealogy of those who went up with me from Babylon, in the reign of Artaxerxes the king:
(See RSV)

Nehemiah 2:1
It happened in the month Nisan, in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes the king, when wine was before him, that I took up the wine, and gave it to the king. Now I had not been before sad in his presence.
(See RSV)

Nehemiah 5:14
Moreover from the time that I was appointed to be their governor in the land of Judah, from the twentieth year even to the two and thirtieth year of Artaxerxes the king, that is, twelve years, I and my brothers have not eaten the bread of the governor.
(See RSV)

Nehemiah 13:6
But in all this time I was not at Jerusalem; for in the two and thirtieth year of Artaxerxes king of Babylon I went to the king: and after certain days asked I leave of the king,
(See RSV)

Ar-ta-xerx'es (14 Occurrences)
Ar-ta-xerx'es. Artaxerxes, Ar-ta-xerx'es. Artemas . Multi-Version Concordance
Ar-ta-xerx'es (14 Occurrences). Ezra 4:7 In the days ...
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Artaxerxes (14 Occurrences)

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Artemas (1 Occurrence)

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