Job 15:30
Text Analysis
3808 [e]לֹֽא־
5493 [e]יָס֨וּר ׀
He will departV-Qal-Imperf-3ms
4480 [e]מִנִּי־
2822 [e]חֹ֗שֶׁךְ
3127 [e]יֹֽ֭נַקְתּוֹ
his branchesN-fsc | 3ms
3001 [e]תְּיַבֵּ֣שׁ
will dry outV-Piel-Imperf-3fs
7957 [e]שַׁלְהָ֑בֶת
the flameN-fs
5493 [e]וְ֝יָס֗וּר
and he will go awayConj-w | V-Qal-ConjImperf-3ms
7307 [e]בְּר֣וּחַ
by the breathPrep-b | N-csc
6310 [e]פִּֽיו׃
of His mouthN-msc | 3ms

Hebrew Texts
איוב 15:30 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
לֹֽא־יָס֨וּר ׀ מִנִּי־חֹ֗שֶׁךְ יֹֽ֭נַקְתֹּו תְּיַבֵּ֣שׁ שַׁלְהָ֑בֶת וְ֝יָס֗וּר בְּר֣וּחַ פִּֽיו׃

איוב 15:30 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
לא־יסור ׀ מני־חשך ינקתו תיבש שלהבת ויסור ברוח פיו׃

איוב 15:30 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
לא־יסור ׀ מני־חשך ינקתו תיבש שלהבת ויסור ברוח פיו׃

איוב 15:30 Hebrew Bible
לא יסור מני חשך ינקתו תיבש שלהבת ויסור ברוח פיו׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"He will not escape from darkness; The flame will wither his shoots, And by the breath of His mouth he will go away.

King James Bible
He shall not depart out of darkness; the flame shall dry up his branches, and by the breath of his mouth shall he go away.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
He will not escape from the darkness; flames will wither his shoots, and by the breath of God's mouth, he will depart.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


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