Numbers 12
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The Complaint of Miriam and Aaron

1And Miriam and Aaron will speak against Moses on account of the Ethiopian woman which he took: for he took an Ethiopian woman. 2And they will say, Did Jehovah only now speak by Moses? Did he not also speak by us? And Jehovah will hear. 3And the man Moses greatly humble, more than all the men upon the face of the earth. 4And Jehovah will say in a moment to Moses and to Aaron and to Miriam, Come forth ye three unto the tent of appointment And they three will come forth. 5And Jehovah will come down in the pillar of the cloud, and will stand at the door of the tent, and will call Aaron and Miriam, and they two will come forth.

6And he will say, Hear ye now, my word: If there shall be your prophet of Jehovah, in a vision I will be known to him; in a dream I will speak to him.

7Not so my servant Moses; he was faithful in all my house.

8Mouth to mouth I will speak to him, and in appearance and not in enigmas; and the portion of Jehovah shall he behold: and wherefore were ye not afraid to speak against my servant, against Moses?

9And the anger of Jehovah will kindle against them; and he will go. 10And the cloud removed from the tent; and behold, Miriam being leprous as snow: and Aaron will look upon Miriam, and behold, her being leprous. 11And Aaron will say to Moses, With leave, my lord, now thou shalt not put upon us the sin in which we were foolish, and in which we sinned. 12Now shall she not be as the dead, which in his coming forth from the womb of his mother, and his flesh shall be half consumed? 13And Moses will cry to Jehovah, saying, God heal her now. 14And Jehovah will say to Moses, And her father spitting, spit in her face, shall she not be ashamed seven days? She shall be shut seven days without the camp, and afterward she shall be taken back. 15And Miriam shall be shut without the camp seven days, and the people removed not till Miriam was taken back.

16And afterward the people removed from the enclosures, and they will encamp in the desert of Paran.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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