Mark 3:21


(1) to want of sympathy with him in his higher aims; and

(2) consequent failure of spiritual perception.

II. BY CHARGING HIM WITH MADNESS. They had so little of the spirit of self-denial in themselves that they could not understand enthusiasm which would not admit of his attending to his own wants, "so much as to eat bread."

1. They feared also the consequences which might arise from the presence of his enemies. The scribes were there "from Jerusalem," on the alert to find accusation against him; and they must have been observed.

2. But by this charge they discredited the character of his ministry. Who should be supposed to know whether he was sane or not, if not his own family? In attributing to maniacy the Divine works and words of Christ, they did him and all who might through him have life and peace, a cruel, irreparable wrong. So Paul was charged with being beside himself; and all who for Christ's sake try to live above the maxims and aims of the world will meet with similar judgment. The blow thus struck is not at an individual, but at the spiritual prospects and hopes of a whole race.


1. A sin of presumption. The judgment was hasty and mistaken; the action was unjustifiable, both foolish and wicked.

2. Enmity to God. - M.

He Is beside Himself.
I find St. Paul in the same chapter confesses and denies madness in himself. Whilst he was mad indeed, then none did suspect or accuse him to be distracted; but when converted, and in his right mind, then Festus taxeth him of madness. (See Acts 26:11.)

(Thomas Fuller, D. D.)

There is a country in Africa wherein all the natives have pendulous lips, hanging down like a dog's ears, always raw and sore. Here only such as are handsome are pointed at for monsters.

(Thomas Fuller, D. D.)

When the son of Dr. Innes became a missionary, the good old man, who sorely grudged parting with his boy, said, "Some people are troubled with a bad son, but I am troubled with a good one."

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