Zechariah 10
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1They asked of YHWH rain "" In a time of spring rain, "" YHWH is making lightnings, "" And He gives to them rain [in] showers. To each—the herb in the field.

2Because the teraphim spoke iniquity, "" And the diviners have seen a falsehood, "" And dreams of the vanity they speak, "" [With] vanity they give comfort, "" Therefore they have journeyed as a flock, "" They are afflicted, for there is no shepherd.

3“My anger burned against the shepherds, "" And I lay a charge against the male goats, "" For YHWH of Hosts has inspected His flock, the house of Judah, "" And set them as His splendid horse in battle.

4From him [is] a cornerstone, "" From him a nail, from him a battle-bow, "" From him goes forth every exactor together.

5And they have been as heroes, "" Treading in mire of out-places in battle, "" And they have fought, for YHWH [is] with them, "" And have put to shame riders of horses.

6And I have made the house of Judah mighty, "" And I save the house of Joseph, "" And I have caused them to dwell, for I have loved them, "" And they have been as [if] I had not cast them off, "" For I [am] their God YHWH, "" And I answer them.

7And Ephraim has been as a hero, "" And their heart has rejoiced as wine, "" And their sons see, and they have rejoiced, "" Their heart rejoices in YHWH.

8I hiss for them, and I gather them, "" For I have redeemed them, "" And they have multiplied as they multiplied.

9And I sow them among peoples, "" And in far-off places they remember Me, "" And they have lived with their sons, "" And they have turned back.

10And I have brought them back from the land of Egypt, "" And I gather them from Asshur, "" And I bring them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon, "" And [space] is not found for them there.

11And He has passed over through the sea, "" And has pressed and struck billows in the sea, "" And all depths of a flood have been dried up, "" And the excellence of Asshur has been brought down, "" And the rod of Egypt turns aside.

12And I have made them mighty in YHWH, "" And in His Name they walk up and down,” "" A declaration of YHWH!

Literal Standard Version
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