Jeremiah 15
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1And YHWH says to me: “Though Moses and Samuel should stand before Me, || My soul is not toward this people, || Send from before My face, and they go out.

2And it has come to pass, when they say to you, || To where do we go out? That you have said to them, || Thus said YHWH: Those who [are] for death—to death, || And those who are for the sword—to the sword, || And those who are for famine—to famine, || And those who are for captivity—to captivity.

3And I have appointed four kinds over them,” || A declaration of YHWH, || “The sword to slay, and the dogs to drag, || And the bird of the heavens, || And the beast of the earth, to consume and to devour. 4And I have given them for a trembling || To all kingdoms of the earth, || Because of Manasseh son of Hezekiah king of Judah, || For that which he did in Jerusalem.

5For who has pity on you, O Jerusalem? And who bemoans for you? And who turns aside to ask of your welfare?

6You have left Me,” || A declaration of YHWH, || “You go backward, || And I stretch out My hand against you, || And I destroy you, || I have been weary of relenting,

7And I scatter them with a fan, || In the gates of the land, || I have bereaved [them], || I have destroyed My people, || They did not turn back from their ways.

8Its widows have been more to Me than the sand of the seas, || I brought on them—against the mother—A young man—a spoiler—at noon. I caused wrath and trouble to fall on her suddenly.

9The bearer of seven has languished, || She has breathed out her spirit, || Her sun has gone in while yet day, || It has been ashamed and confounded, || And I give up their remnant to the sword before their enemies,” || A declaration of YHWH.

10Woe to me, my mother, || For you have borne me, || A man of strife and a man of contention to all the land, || I have not lent on usury, || Nor have they lent on usury to me—All of them are reviling me.

11YHWH said, “Did I not direct you for good? Did I not intercede for you in a time of evil, || And in a time of adversity, with the enemy?

12Does one break iron, || Northern iron and bronze?

13I give your strength and your treasures for a prey—not for price, || Even for all your sins, and in all your borders.

14And I have caused your enemies || To pass over into the land [that] You have not known, || For a fire has been kindled in My anger, || It burns against you.”

15You, You have known, O YHWH, || Remember me, and inspect me, || And take vengeance for me of my pursuers, || In Your long-suffering do not take me away, || Know [that] I have borne reproach for You.

16Your words have been found, and I eat them, || And Your word is to me for a joy, || And for the rejoicing of my heart, || For Your Name is called on me, O YHWH, God of Hosts.

17I have not sat in an assembly of deriders, || Nor do I exult, because of your hand—I have sat alone, || For You have filled me [with] indignation.

18Why has my pain been continuous? And my wound incurable? It has refused to be healed, || You are surely as a failing stream to me, || Waters [that are] not steadfast.

19Therefore, thus said YHWH: “If you turn back, then I bring you back, || You stand before Me, || And if you bring out the precious from the vile, || You are as My mouth! They return to you, || And you do not return to them.

20And I have made you to this people || For a wall—bronze—fortified, || And they have fought against you, || And they do not prevail against you, || For I [am] with you to save you, || And to deliver you,” || A declaration of YHWH,

21“And I have delivered you from the hand of evildoers, || And I have ransomed you || From the hand of the terrible!”

Literal Standard Version
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