Isaiah 9
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1For [there will be] no gloom on her who [is] distressed as at the former time. The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, || So the latter has honored the way of the sea, || Beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations.

2The people who are walking in darkness || Have seen a great light, || Dwellers in a land of death-shade, || Light has shone on them.

3You have multiplied the nation, || You have made its joy great, || They have rejoiced before You as the joy in harvest, || As [men] rejoice in their apportioning spoil.

4Because the yoke of its burden, || And the staff of its shoulder, the rod of its exactor, || You have broken as [in] the day of Midian.

5For every battle of a warrior [is] with rushing, and raiment rolled in blood, || And it has been for burning—fuel of fire.

6For a Child has been born to us, || A Son has been given to us, || And the dominion is on His shoulder, || And He calls His Name || Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, || Father of Eternity, Prince of Peace.

7Of the increase of [His] dominion, || And of peace, there is no end, || On the throne of David, and on His kingdom, || To establish it, and to support it, || In judgment and in righteousness, || From now on, even for all time, || The zeal of YHWH of Hosts does this.

8The Lord has sent a word into Jacob, || And it has fallen in Israel.

9And the people have known—all of it, Ephraim, and the inhabitant of Samaria, || In pride and in greatness of heart, saying,

10“Bricks have fallen, and we build hewn work, || Sycamores have been cut down, and we renew cedars.”

11And YHWH sets the adversaries of Rezin on high above him, || And he joins his enemies together,

12Aram from before, and Philistia from behind, || And they devour Israel with the whole mouth. With all this His anger has not turned back, || And His hand is still stretched out.

13And the people has not turned back to Him who is striking it, || And they have not sought YHWH of Hosts.

14And YHWH cuts off head and tail from Israel, || Branch and reed—the same day.

15Elderly and accepted of faces—he [is] the head, || And prophet teaching falsehood—he [is] the tail.

16And the eulogists of this people are causing to err, || And its eulogized ones are consumed.

17Therefore, the Lord does not rejoice over its young men, || And He does not pity its orphans and its widows, || For everyone [is] profane, and an evildoer, || And every mouth is speaking folly. With all this His anger has not turned back, || And His hand is still stretched out.

18For wickedness has burned as a fire, || It devours brier and thorn, || And it kindles in thickets of the forest, || And they lift themselves up, an exaltation of smoke!

19In the wrath of YHWH of Hosts || The land has been consumed, || And the people is as fuel of fire; A man has no pity on his brother,

20And cuts down on the right, and has been hungry, || And he devours on the left, || And they have not been satisfied, || They each devour the flesh of his own arm.

21Manasseh—Ephraim, and Ephraim—Manasseh, || Together they [are] against Judah, || With all this His anger has not turned back. And His hand is still stretched out!

Literal Standard Version
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