Isaiah 48
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1“Hear this, O house of Jacob, || Who are called by the name of Israel, || And from the waters of Judah came out, || Who are swearing by the Name of YHWH, || And make mention of the God of Israel, || Not in truth nor in righteousness.

2For they have been called from the Holy City, || And been supported on the God of Israel, || YHWH of Hosts [is] His Name.

3I declared the former things from that time, || And they have gone forth from My mouth, || And I proclaim them, || Suddenly I have done, and it comes.

4From My knowing that you are obstinate, || And your neck—a sinew of iron, || And your forehead—bronze,

5And from that time I declare [it] to you, || Before it comes I have caused you to hear, || Lest you say, My idol has done them, || And my carved image, || And my molten image commanded them.

6You have heard, see the whole of it, || And you, do you not declare? I have caused you to hear new things from this time, || And things reserved that you did not know.

7Now they have been produced and not from that time, || Indeed, before the day, and you have not heard them, || Lest you say, Behold, I have known them.

8Indeed, you have not heard, || Indeed, you have not known, || Indeed, your ear has not opened from that time, || For I have known you deal treacherously, || And [are] a transgressor from the belly, || One is crying to you.

9I defer My anger for My Name’s sake, || And [for] My praise I restrain for you, || So as not to cut you off.

10Behold, I have refined you, and not with silver, || I have chosen you in a furnace of affliction.

11For My sake, for My own sake, I do [it], || For how is it defiled? And I do not give My glory to another.

12Listen to me, O Jacob, and Israel, My called one, || I [am] He, || I [am] first, and I [am] last;

13Also, My hand has founded earth, || And My right hand stretched out the heavens, || I am calling to them, they stand together.

14Be gathered, all of you, and hear, || Who among them declared these things? YHWH has loved him, || He does His pleasure on Babylon, || And His arm [is on] the Chaldeans.

15I have spoken, indeed, I have called him, I have brought him in, || And he has made his way prosperous.

16Come near to Me, hear this, || I have not spoken in secret from the beginning, || From the time of its being, I [am] there, || And now Lord YHWH has sent Me, and His Spirit.”

17Thus said YHWH, your Redeemer, || The Holy One of Israel: “I [am] your God YHWH, teaching you to profit, || Causing you to tread in the way you go.

18O that you had attended to My commands, || Then your peace is as a river, || And your righteousness as billows of the sea,

19And your seed is as sand, || And the offspring of your bowels as gravel, || His name would not be cut off nor destroyed before Me.”

20Go out from Babylon, flee from the Chaldeans, || Declare with a voice of singing, || Cause this to be heard, || Bring it forth to the end of the earth, || Say, “YHWH has redeemed His servant Jacob.”

21And they have not thirsted in wastelands, || He has caused them to go on, || He has caused waters from a rock to flow to them, || Indeed, he cleaves a rock, and waters flow.

22“There is no peace,” said YHWH, “for the wicked!”

Literal Standard Version
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