Ezekiel 13
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1And there is a word of YHWH to me, saying, 2“Son of man, prophesy concerning the prophets of Israel who are prophesying, and you have said to those prophesying from their own heart, Hear a word of YHWH! 3Thus said Lord YHWH: Woe to the prophets who are foolish, "" Who are going after their own spirit, "" And they have seen nothing. 4Your prophets have been "" As foxes in the wasteland, O Israel. 5You have not gone up into breaches, "" Nor do you make a wall for the house of Israel, "" To stand in battle in a day of YHWH. 6They have seen vanity, and lying divination, "" Who are saying: A declaration of YHWH, "" And YHWH has not sent them, "" And they have hoped to establish a word. 7Have you not seen a vain vision, "" And spoken a lying divination, "" When you say, A declaration of YHWH, "" And I have not spoken?

8Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: Because you have spoken vanity, and seen a lie, "" Therefore, behold, I [am] against you, "" A declaration of Lord YHWH. 9And My hand has been on the prophets, "" Who are seeing vanity, and who are divining a lie, "" They are not in the assembly of My people, "" And they are not written in the writing of the house of Israel, "" And they do not come to the ground of Israel, "" And you have known that I [am] Lord YHWH. 10Because, even because, they caused My people to err, "" Saying, Peace! And there is no peace, "" And that one is building a wall, "" And behold, they are coating it with chalk. 11Say to those coating with chalk—It falls, "" There has been an overflowing shower, "" And you, O hailstones, fall, "" And a turbulent wind breaks out, 12And behold, the wall has fallen! Does one not say to you, Where [is] the coating that you coated? 13Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: I have broken with a turbulent wind in My fury, "" And an overflowing shower is in My anger, "" And hailstones in My fury—to consume. 14And I have broken down the wall that you coated with chalk, "" And have caused it to come to the earth, "" And its foundation has been revealed, "" And it has fallen, "" And you have been consumed in its midst, "" And you have known that I [am] YHWH. 15And I have completed My wrath on the wall, "" And on those coating it with chalk, "" And I say to you: The wall is not, "" And those coating it are not, 16[These]—the prophets of Israel, who are prophesying concerning Jerusalem, "" And who are seeing a vision of peace for her, "" And there is no peace, "" A declaration of Lord YHWH.

17And you, son of man, set your face against the daughters of your people, who are prophesying out of their own heart, and prophesy concerning them, 18And you have said, Thus said Lord YHWH: Woe to those sowing [magic] bands for all joints of the arm, "" And to those making the veils "" For the head of every stature—to hunt souls, "" Do you hunt the souls of My people? And do your souls that live remain alive? 19Indeed, you pierce Me concerning My people, "" For handfuls of barley, "" And for pieces of bread, "" To put to death souls that should not die, "" And to keep alive souls that should not live, "" By your lying to My people—listening to lies.

20Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: Behold, I [am] against your [magic] bands, "" With which you are hunting there the souls of the flourishing, "" And I have torn them from off your arms, "" And have sent away the souls that you are hunting, "" The souls of the flourishing. 21And I have torn your veils, "" And delivered My people out of your hand, "" And they are no longer for a prey in your hand, "" And you have known that I [am] YHWH. 22Because of paining the heart of the righteous with falsehood, "" And I have not pained it, "" And strengthening the hands of the wicked, "" So as not to turn [him] back from his evil way, "" To keep him alive, 23Therefore, you do not see vanity, "" And you do not divine divination again, "" And I have delivered My people out of your hand, "" And you have known that I [am] YHWH!”

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