Job 23
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Job Responds to Eliphaz

1Job’s response was to say:

2“I’m still complaining bitterly today;

my hand is heavy because of groaning.

3If only I knew where to find him,

I would visit him where he has taken his seat.

4I would lay out my case before him;

and fill my mouth with arguments.

5I know how he would answer me;

I understand what he’ll tell me.

6“Would he use his great power to fight me?

No, he’ll pay attention to me.

7In that place, the upright can reason with him;

and I’ll be acquitted once and for all by my judge.”

Job Justifies His Innocence

8“Look! If I go east,a he isn’t there!

If I go to the west,b I don’t perceive him.

9If he’s working in the north,c I can’t observe him;d

If he turns south,e I can’t see him.f

10Because he knows the road on which I travel,

when he had tested me, I’ll come out like gold.

11My feet stay where his footsteps lead;

I kept on his pathway and haven’t turned aside.

12I haven’t wandered away from the commands that he has spoken;g

I’ve treasured what he has saidh more than my own meals.”

Job Stands Petrified Before God

13“But he is One—who can change him?

He does whatever he wants to do.

14He’ll complete what he has planned for me;

he has many things in mind for me!

15That’s why I’m terrified at his presence!

When I think about it, I’m afraid of him.

16God has caused me to faint;i

the Almighty makes me terrified!

17Nevertheless, I haven’t been silenced because of the darkness,

even when thick darkness obscures my vision.”j

a 23:8 Or forward
b 23:8 Or back
c 23:9 Or left
d 23:9 The Heb. lacks him
e 23:9 Or right
f 23:9 The Heb. lacks him
g 23:12 Lit. commands of his lips
h 23:12 Lit. treasured the words of his mouth
i 23:16 Or tender hearted
j 23:17 Lit. face

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