Proverbs 31
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1The words of Moayl, The King, the Prophet, which his mother taught him and she said to him:

2Oh, my son, oh, son of my body, and oh, son of my vows!

3Do not give your strength to women and your ways for the provisions of Kings

4Beware of Kings, Moayl, of Kings that drink wine, and of Rulers that drink strong drink

5Lest you drink and you forget the Prophet, and you forget the judgment of all the poor children.

6Strong drink is given to mourners and wine to bitter souls,

7That they may drink and they may forget their sorrows, and their miseries would not be remembered anymore.

8Open your mouth with the word of truth and judge all the sons of evil.

9Open your mouth in righteous judgment and judge the poor and the afflicted.

10Who finds a diligent woman? For she is precious beyond incomparable precious stones.

11The heart of her husband trusts in her and she lacks no provision.

12She has done good things for him and not bad things all the days of her life.

13She has sought wool and fine linen and her hands have worked according to his pleasure.

14She has been like a merchant's ship that brings its merchandise from far away.

15She is risen in the night and has given food to the children in her house, and work to her girls.

16She has looked at a field and bought it, and from the fruit of her hands she planted a vineyard.

17She has girt her waist with strength and has strengthened her arms.

18She has tasted that her merchandise is good and her lamp does not go out all night.

19She stretched out her arms with diligence and her hands to the spindle.

20She has stretched her hands out to the poor and she stretched out her arms to the afflicted.

21The children in her house have not been afraid of the snow, because all of them wear scarlet.

22She has made a carpet for herself and a robe of fine white linen and of purple.

23Her husband is known among the cities as he sits among the Elders of the land.

24She has made and sold fine linen and has given girdles to the Canaanites.

25Strength and excellence are her clothing and she will rejoice in the last day.

26She has opened her mouth in wisdom and the law of compassion is upon her tongue.

27The ways of her house are open and she has not eaten the bread of laziness.

28Her children stand up and give her blessings and her husband praises her.

29And many of her daughters have retained wealth, and you have far surpassed all of these.

30Beauty is false and favor is empty, but a woman that is in the awe of LORD JEHOVAH, she will be praised.

31Give her of the fruit of her hands, and her deeds will praise her in the gate.

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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