Joshua 9
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1And when all the Kings heard who were at the crossing of Jordan, in the mountains and in the valleys and in all the banks of the Great Sea that is next to Lebanon, the Khethites and Amorites and Canaanites and Perizzites and Khivites and Yebusites 2They were gathered as one to make war with Yeshua and with Israel with one accord

3And the inhabitants of Gebuun heard the thing that Yeshua did to Ai and to Yerikho 4And they also worked with subtlety and they went, they traveled as Ambassadors and they cast old sackcloth on their donkeys and wineskins of wine that were worn out and torn and sewn up 5And shoes that were worn out and sandals were bound on their feet and they were wearing old robes and the loaves of bread of their provisions were dried up and it was moldy 6And they came to Yeshua to the encampment at Galgala and they said to him and to those of the house of Israel:”We are coming from a distant place; now give to us the right hand” 7And they of the house of Israel were saying to the Khivites: “If you dwell with us, why would there be a right hand for you?" 8And they said to Yeshua: “We are your Servants.” Yeshua said to them, “From where are you and from where have you come?” 9And they said to him: “From the land of a place that is very distant your Servants came for the name of LORD JEHOVAH your God, because we have heard his name and everything that he did in Egypt 10And everything that he did to both Kings of the Amorites who were at the crossing of the Jordan, to Sihon King of Kheshbon and to Og King of Mathnin, who was dwelling in Astaroth 11And the Elders and all the inhabitants of our land said to us: “Take with you provisions for the road and go to meet them and say to them, “We are your Servants therefore give to us the right hand” 12And they said to Yeshua, “This is our bread when we went as Ambassadors, it was hot from our houses, in the day that we went out to come to you, and now, behold, it has dried up and it is moldy 13And we filled these wineskins of wine when they were new, and behold, they are worn out, and these our garments and our shoes we took them with us when new, and now they are worn out because the road was very long” 14And these men took from their provisions and they went, and they did not inquire from the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH 15And Yeshua made peace with them and he gave them the right hand for their lives and the Princes of the assembly swore to them

16And after three days after they gave to them the right hand, they heard that they were neighbors to them and that they had been encamping among them 17And the children of Israel picked up and they came to their cities on the third day, and the names of their cities: “Gebuun and Kaphira and Irutha and Quryath Narin 18And the children of Israel did not kill them, because the Princes of the assembly swore to them by LORD JEHOVAH The God of Israel, and all of the assembly were complaining and were in an uproar against the Princes 19And the Princes of the assembly were saying : “We swore to them by LORD JEHOVAH the God of Israel, therefore we cannot harm them 20But thus we do and we let them live so that wrath will not be upon us, because of the oath that we swore to them” 21And the Princes were saying to the children Israel: “They shall live and they shall be gathering wood and filling water for all of the assembly.” And they were gatherers of wood and drawers of water for all of the congregation, just as the Princes said to them

22And Yeshua called them and he said to them: “Why have you deceived us and said to us: “‘We were very far from you’, and behold you dwell with us? 23Therefore you will be cursed and there will not fail from you a man, a gatherer of wood and a fetcher of water for the house of God” 24And they answered and they said to Yeshua: “Your Servants certainly heard the thing that LORD JEHOVAH your God commanded Moshe his Servant, to give to you all the land and to destroy all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and we were very afraid for our lives, and we did so 25Now behold, we are in your hands, do to us according to what is excellent in your eyes to do to us” 26And he did to them in this way, and he delivered them from the hand of Israel and they did not kill them 27And that day Yeshua made them gatherers of wood and they filled the water for the assembly and for the altar of LORD JEHOVAH until today, in the place that LORD JEHOVAH pleased

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