Job 15
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1And Eliphaz the Taymanite answered and said:

2“Will the wise of spirit answer in knowledge and anger fill his belly

3To conceal words that are not useful and with words without profit in them?

4Also you bring reverence to nothing and you multiply speaking before God

5Because sin will teach your mouth and you delight in a tongue of deceit

6Your mouth will condemn you and not I, and your lips will testify against you before me

7Were you born before man or were you formed in the womb before the hills?

8Have you heard the secret of LORD JEHOVAH, and is wisdom revealed to you?

9What do you know that we do not know, or what do you discern that was not with us?

10Behold, there are with us those who are old, also are with us those who are old and more ancient also than your father in days

11Restrain from yourself the threatening of God and speak in comfort to your soul

12Why is your heart lifted up and why do your eyes beckon us?

13For you are lifting up your spirit to God and you bring out words from your mouth

14Who is the man who is innocent, or who born of woman is going to be justified?

15Behold, in his holy ones he does not trust, and the Heavens are not pure before him

16Even if, rejected and afflicted, a man will drink evil as water

17I shall show you, hear me, and what I have seen I shall repeat

18What the wise have shown and have not hidden from their fathers

19To them by themselves the Earth was given and no stranger passed among them

20All the days of the wicked he magnifies himself and the number of his years will be kept by The Almighty One

21The sound of terror is in his ears and in peace the Destroyer will come upon him

22He does not believe that he is returning from darkness. He looks for the sword

23He flees for the threat of judgment and wherever he is, he knows that the day of darkness is prepared at his hand

24Suffering will terrify him and adversity will overtake him as a King who is prepared for battle

25Because he lifted up his hand against God and was valiant against The Almighty

26And he runs upon him with a high neck, and on the back of his neck with a multitude of rows of shields

27And he covered his person with his fat and made Pleiades higher than the star Aldebaran

28And he settled desolate cities that are uninhabited and is prepared for battle

29He will not continue and his power shall not stand, and the words not will be exalted on the Earth

30And they shall not depart from darkness and the flames will dry up his branches; he will be made insane by the spirit of his mouth

31And he should not believe the lie of the Deceiver, because his growth was in vain

32And because he does not dry up in his days and his hands are not found

33He will uproot his body like a vine and will cast off his growth like an olive tree

34Because the assembly of the heathen will be for the wilderness and for desolation, and fire will consume the tabernacle of the evil

35They conceived evil and gave birth to depravity and their bellies are filled with deceit”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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