Genesis 35
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1And LORD JEHOVAH said to Yaquuv: “Arise, come up to BaythEil and dwell there, and make an altar there to God who was revealed unto you when you fled from before Esau your brother.” 2And Yaquuv said to the sons of his house and to every one of his people, “Send out the foreign gods that are among you and be purified and change your garments, 3And arise, go up to BaythEil, and I shall make there an altar to God who answered me in the day of my suffering, and he was with me in the way that I have gone.” 4And they gave to Yaquuv all their foreign gods that were in their hands and the earrings in their ears, and Yaquuv buried them under the Oak that was with Shekeem.

5And they picked up, and the fear of God was on the towns that were in their surroundings, and they did not pursue after Yaquuv and after his sons. 6And Yaquuv came to Luz that was in the land of Canaan, which is BaythEil, he and all the people with him. 7And he built there an altar and he called that place BaythEil, because there God was revealed unto him when he had fled from before Esau his brother. 8And Debora, the Nurse of Raphqa, died, and she was buried under BaythEil, under the Oak, and he called its name Betemtha dav'Katha.

9And God was revealed again to Yaquuv when he came from Padan d'Aram and he blessed him.

10And God said to him, “Your name shall not be called Yaquuv again, but your name shall be Israel”, and he called his name Israel.

11And God said to him, “I AM Almighty God; increase and multiply as a people, and a multitude of nations shall be from you, and Kings will go out from your loins;

12And the land that I swore to Abraham and to Isaac, to you I shall give it, and to your seed after you I shall give the land.”

13And God was lifted up from him in the place where he spoke with him. 14And Yaquuv raised up a monument in the place where he spoke with him, a monument of stone, and he poured upon it a drink offering and he poured upon it oil. 15And Yaquuv called the name of the region where God spoke with him there, BaythEil.

16And he picked up from BaythEil and traveled again about a journey of a Pharsakh of the land, to enter Ephrath, and Rakhyl gave birth, and she went into hard labor when she was giving birth. 17And it was that when she was in labor, the midwife said to her, “Do not fear, because this son also is yours.” 18And it was that when her soul was going out and she was dying, she called his name Bar Kabi – (son of my sorrow), and his father called him Benyamin. 19And Rakhyl died and she was buried in the way of Ephrath, this is Bayth Lekhem. 20And Yaquuv raised up a monument on the grave of Rakhyl, this is the monument of the grave of Rakhyl until today. 21And Israel picked up and he pitched his tent from there to Magdala of Gadar.

22And it was that when Israel had dwelt in that land, Rubil went and he lay with Balha the Concubine of his father, and Israel heard; and there were twelve sons of Yaquuv, 23The sons of Leah: the first born of Yaquuv, Rubil and Shemon and Levi and Yehuda and Issakar and Zabalaun: 24And the sons of Rakhyl; Yoseph and Benyamin: 25And the sons of Balha, the Handmaid of Rakhyl: Dan and Naphtali 26And the sons of Zelpha, the Handmaid of Leah: Gad and Ashir: these are the sons of Yaquuv that were born to him in Padan d'Aram.

27And Yaquuv came to Isaaq his father to Mamreh Qorith Ganabra, that is Khebron that is in the land of Canaan, where Abraham dwelt and Isaac.

28And the days of Isaac were a hundred and eighty years. 29And Isaaq became ill and he died and he was gathered to his people; he was old and his days were full, and they buried Esau and Yaquuv his sons in the tomb that Abraham his father had bought.

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