Exodus 4
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1And Moshe answered and said, “Behold, they will not believe me and will not hear my voice, because they will say, ‘LORD JEHOVAH has not appeared to you.’” 2And LORD JEHOVAH said to him, “What is this that is in your hand?”, and he said, “A staff.” 3And he said, “Throw it on the ground”, and he cast it on the ground, and it was a snake and Moshe fled from before it. 4And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “Reach your hand and hold it by its tail”, and he reached his hand and held firmly on it and it was a staff in his hand: 5“So that they will believe that LORD JEHOVAH appeared to you, the God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Yaquuv.”

6And LORD JEHOVAH said to him again, “Bring your hand to your chest”, and he brought his hand to his chest, and brought it out, and behold, his hand was leprous as snow. 7And LORD JEHOVAH said to him, “Return your hand to your chest, and he returned his hand to his bosom and brought it out from his bosom and it was to him as his flesh. 8And if they will not believe and they will not hear the voice of the former sign, they may believe the voice of the last sign. 9And if they should not believe these two signs and they will not hear your voice, take some water of the river and pour it on the land, and those waters that you took from the river shall be blood on the ground.”

10And Moshe said to LORD JEHOVAH, “I beg of you my Lord, I have not been a man who is articulate, even from yesterday or from the day before yesterday, also from the time that you have spoken with your Servant, because I am a stutterer in speaking and slow of tongue.” 11And LORD JEHOVAH said to him, “Who made the mouth of man, or who made the dumb man, or the deaf man, or the opened, or the blind? Is it not I, LORD JEHOVAH? 12And now go, and I shall be with your mouth and I shall teach you whatever you will say.” 13And Moshe said, “I beg of you, my Lord, send by whomever you send.

14And the anger of LORD JEHOVAH was provoked against Moshe, and he said to him, “Behold, Aaron your brother is a Levite; I know that he is a speaker; behold also he will come forth to meet you and he will see you and he will rejoice in his heart. 15And you will speak to him and I shall put the answer in his mouth, and I shall be with your mouth and with his mouth, and I shall teach you what you shall do. 16He shall speak for you with the people and he shall be an interpreter for you and you shall be for his God to him. 17And take this staff in your hand to do signs with it.”

18And Moshe returned and he went on to Yatherwan his Father in Law and said to him, “I shall return, I shall go to my brothers who are in Egypt, and I shall see if they are yet alive”, and Yatherwan said to Moshe, “Go in peace.” 19And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe in Midian, “Return; go to Egypt, because all of the men who were seeking your life have died.” 20And Moshe took his wife and his children and mounted them on donkeys, and returned to go to Egypt, and Moshe took the staff of God in his hand.

21And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “When you have turned to go to Egypt, see all the wonders that I have done by your hands; do them before Pharaoh, and I shall harden his heart and he will not send away the people. 22And speak to Pharaoh in this way: LORD JEHOVAH says: “My son, my firstborn, is Israel: 23I have said to you ‘Send out my son and he will serve me,’ and if you choose not to send out my son, behold, I am killing your son, your firstborn.”

24And Moshe was in the road at the lodging house, and LORD JEHOVAH met him and sought to kill Moshe. 25And Tsepura took a flint and circumcised the uncircumcision of her son and gripped on his feet, and she said “A groom of blood you are to me.” 26And he departed from him, then she said, “A groom of blood”, because of the circumcision.

27And LORD JEHOVAH said to Aaron, “Go for a meeting of Moshe your brother”, and he went on to the wilderness and met him in the mountain of God in Khoreeb, and he kissed Him. 28And Moshe showed to Aaron all the statements of LORD JEHOVAH who sent him and all the signs that He commanded him to do. 29And they went, Moshe and Aaron, and they gathered all the Elders of the children of Israel, 30And Aaron spoke to them all the words that LORD JEHOVAH told to Moshe, and he did the signs before the people. 31And the people believed and heard that LORD JEHOVAH had remembered the children of Israel, and that He has seen their oppression, and the people knelt and worshipped before LORD JEHOVAH.

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