Acts 23
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1And Paulus gazed at The Assembly and he said, “Men, brothers: in all good conscience I have lived before God, until today.” 2And Khanan-Yah The Priest commanded those who stood on the side to hit Paulus on his mouth. 3And Paulus said to him, “God is going to strike you, you whitened wall, and are you sitting to judge me according to the law, when you violate the law and command to strike me? 4And those who stood there said to him, “You accuse God's Priest?” 5Paulus said to them, “I was not aware, brothers, that he is The Priest, for it is written: 'Do not curse The Ruler of your people.' “

6And when Paulus knew that some of the people were Sadducees and some Pharisees, he was shouting in The Council, “Men, brothers; I am a Pharisee, son of a Pharisee, and for the hope of the resurrection of the dead I am being judged.” 7When he had said this, The Pharisees and The Sadducees fell one upon the other, and the group was divided. 8For The Sadducees were saying there is no resurrection, neither Angel, nor spirit, but The Pharisees confess all of these. 9And there was a great noise. Some of the Scribes stood on the side of The Pharisees and were contending with them and they were saying, “We find no evil in this man, but if a spirit or an Angel has spoken with him, what is there in that?” 10And when there was a great uproar among them, the Chiliarch was afraid lest they would tear Paulus apart, and he sent Romans to go snatch him from their midst and bring him to the encampment.

11When it was night, our Lord appeared to Paulus and said to him, “Be strong, because as you testified of me in Jerusalem, thus you are going also to testify in Rome.”

12And when it was dawn, some of the Jews gathered together and put a curse upon themselves that they would neither eat nor drink until they would kill Paulus. 13But those who established this covenant with an oath were more than forty men. 14And they came to The Priests and to the Elders and were saying, “We have put a curse upon ourselves that we shall not taste anything until we shall kill Paulus.” 15“And now you and the Rulers of The Council, ask the Chiliarch to bring him to you as if you seek to examine his conduct properly, and we are ready to kill him before he arrives to you.”

16And the son of Paulus' sister heard this plot, and he entered the encampment and informed Paulus. 17And Paulus sent and called one of the Centurions and said to him, “Escort this young man to the Chiliarch, for he has something to tell him.” 18And the Centurion led the youth and brought him to the Chiliarch and said, “Paulus the prisoner called me and begged me to bring this young man to you, who has something to say to you.” 19And the Chiliarch took the youth by the hand and drew him to one side and was asking him, “What do you have to say to me?” 20And the youth said to him, “The Judeans have planned to ask you to send Paulus down tomorrow to their Council as if they want to learn something more from him;” 21“Therefore you should not believe them, for behold, there are more than forty men of them who are watching for him in ambush and they have put a curse upon themselves that they will not eat or drink until they kill him. And behold, they are ready and waiting for your promise.” 22And the Chiliarch dismissed the youth as he commanded him: “Let no one know that you have shown me these things.”

23And he called two Centurions and said to them, “Go prepare two hundred Romans to go to Caesarea and seventy horsemen and two hundred right-handed spearmen to go out from the third hour in the night.” 24“But prepare also beasts of burden so that they may mount Paulus and let him escape to Felix, the Governor.” 25And he wrote a letter and he gave it to those who were with him thus:

26“Qlaudius Lucius to Felix the Governor, the Excellent: Greeting;

27“The Judeans seized this man so as to kill him, and I helped with the Romans and saved him when I learned that he is a Roman.” 28“And when I sought to know the cause for which they were accusing him, I brought him down to their Council.” 29“And I found that they were accusing him about charges of their law, and there was no cause worthy for imprisonment or death against him.”

30“And when it was shown me that the Judeans made a plot by ambush against him, I sent him at once to you and ordered his accusers to go and speak with him before you. Farewell.” 31Then the Romans brought Paulus in the night, as they were ordered, and brought him to the city AntiPatris. 32And the next day the horsemen dismissed the Foot Soldiers, their comrades, to return to camp. 33And they brought him to Caesarea and gave the letter to the Governor and presented Paulus before him. 34And when he read the letter, he was asking him from which province he was, and when he learned that he was from Qiliqia, 35He said to him, “I shall hear you whenever your accusers have come.” And he commanded to keep him in the Praetorium of Herodus.

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