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wə·’ap̄ — 4 Occurrences

Ezra 5:10
HEB: וְאַ֧ף שְׁמָהָתְהֹ֛ם שְׁאֵ֥לְנָא
NAS: We also asked them their names
KJV: their names also, to certify
INT: also their names asked

Ezra 5:14
HEB: וְ֠אַף מָאנַיָּ֣א דִֽי־
NAS: Also the gold and silver
KJV: And the vessels also of gold
INT: Also utensils which

Ezra 6:5
HEB: וְ֠אַף מָאנֵ֣י בֵית־
NAS: Also let the gold and silver
KJV: And also let the golden and silver
INT: Also utensils of the house

Daniel 6:22
HEB: הִשְׁתְּכַ֣חַת לִ֔י וְאַ֤ף [קָדָמַיִךְ כ]
NAS: before Him; and also toward
KJV: was found in me; and also before
INT: innocent was found and also before king

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