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qā·lō·wn — 9 Occurrences

Job 10:15
HEB: רֹאשִׁ֑י שְׂבַ֥ע קָ֝ל֗וֹן וּרְאֵ֥ה עָנְיִֽי׃
NAS: [I am] sated with disgrace and conscious
KJV: [I am] full of confusion; therefore see
INT: my head have enough disgrace advise self of my misery

Psalm 83:16
HEB: מַלֵּ֣א פְנֵיהֶ֣ם קָל֑וֹן וִֽיבַקְשׁ֖וּ שִׁמְךָ֣
NAS: their faces with dishonor, That they may seek
KJV: their faces with shame; that they may seek
INT: Fill their faces dishonor may seek your name

Proverbs 3:35
HEB: וּ֝כְסִילִ֗ים מֵרִ֥ים קָלֽוֹן׃ פ
NAS: But fools display dishonor.
KJV: glory: but shame shall be the promotion
INT: fools display dishonor

Proverbs 9:7
HEB: לֹקֵ֣חַֽ ל֣וֹ קָל֑וֹן וּמוֹכִ֖יחַ לְרָשָׁ֣ע
NAS: gets dishonor for himself, And he who reproves
KJV: getteth to himself shame: and he that rebuketh
INT: A scorner gets dishonor reproves A wicked

Proverbs 11:2
HEB: זָ֭דוֹן וַיָּבֹ֣א קָל֑וֹן וְֽאֶת־ צְנוּעִ֥ים
NAS: then comes dishonor, But with the humble
KJV: then cometh shame: but with the lowly
INT: pride comes dishonor with the lowly

Proverbs 12:16
HEB: כַּעְס֑וֹ וְכֹסֶ֖ה קָל֣וֹן עָרֽוּם׃
NAS: But a prudent man conceals dishonor.
KJV: but a prudent [man] covereth shame.
INT: anger conceals dishonor A prudent

Proverbs 18:3
HEB: בּ֑וּז וְֽעִם־ קָל֥וֹן חֶרְפָּֽה׃
NAS: comes, And with dishonor [comes] scorn.
KJV: also contempt, and with ignominy reproach.
INT: contempt and with dishonor scorn

Hosea 4:18
HEB: אָהֲב֥וּ הֵב֛וּ קָל֖וֹן מָגִנֶּֽיהָ׃
NAS: dearly love shame.
KJV: her rulers [with] shame do love,
INT: dearly love shame their rulers

Habakkuk 2:16
HEB: שָׂבַ֤עְתָּ קָלוֹן֙ מִכָּב֔וֹד שְׁתֵ֥ה
NAS: You will be filled with disgrace rather than
KJV: Thou art filled with shame for glory:
INT: will be filled disgrace honor drink

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