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ḥel·qî — 6 Occurrences

Job 32:17
HEB: אַף־ אֲנִ֣י חֶלְקִ֑י אֲחַוֶּ֖ה דֵעִ֣י
NAS: will answer my share, I also
KJV: [I said], I will answer also my part, I also will shew
INT: too my share will tell my opinion

Psalm 16:5
HEB: יְֽהוָ֗ה מְנָת־ חֶלְקִ֥י וְכוֹסִ֑י אַ֝תָּ֗ה
NAS: is the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
KJV: [is] the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup:
INT: the LORD the portion of my inheritance and my cup You

Psalm 119:57
HEB: חֶלְקִ֖י יְהוָ֥ה אָמַ֗רְתִּי
NAS: The LORD is my portion; I have promised
KJV: CHETH. [Thou art] my portion, O LORD:
INT: is my portion God have promised

Psalm 142:5
HEB: אַתָּ֣ה מַחְסִ֑י חֶ֝לְקִ֗י בְּאֶ֣רֶץ הַֽחַיִּים׃
NAS: You are my refuge, My portion in the land
KJV: Thou [art] my refuge [and] my portion in the land
INT: You are my refuge my portion the land of the living

Ecclesiastes 2:10
HEB: וְזֶֽה־ הָיָ֥ה חֶלְקִ֖י מִכָּל־ עֲמָלִֽי׃
NAS: and this was my reward for all
KJV: in all my labour: and this was my portion of all my labour.
INT: and this become was my reward for all my labor

Lamentations 3:24
HEB: חֶלְקִ֤י יְהוָה֙ אָמְרָ֣ה
NAS: The LORD is my portion, says
KJV: The LORD [is] my portion, saith
INT: is my portion the LORD says

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